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    Start/ Sit on FFToday?

    Quick poll question- do you think that FFToday would benefit from a straight up Start Em Sit Em type format? Weekly feature, similar to "Shot Callers Report"? thanks!
  2. JMaximus12

    Halloween costume pics - heres mine

    so....is TNG NOT posting pics of her Halloween costume???? ~much sadness~
  3. JMaximus12

    Top 5....

    how the HELL does this thread make it 20 posts, and not one mention of "Old School"??!?!!??!!? Old School...if not #1, CERTAINLY top 3!!!!!
  4. JMaximus12

    Why did the building not fall?

    its people like you that make me realize that I am not as Focked up as i thought. thank you, for assuming the role of village (Site) idiot. If you truly believe this crap you write, you are either vastly stupid, or the most ignorant person on earth. you decide.
  5. NOt to mention on Gordon's column, he not only recommends NOT starting Gore, but then has him projected at 18 points...sorry, but i'd take that ANY day at RB! additionally, he says start "ALL" on SD...including Michael Turner, and his projected "1" point. sheesh...hire some competent evaluators. like me!
  6. JMaximus12

    665,000 dead Iraqis

    thats the problem with you Christian Coalition Right WIng Wacko types...always trying to press on the rest of us your morality! Who are you to dictate what is moral and whats not??? oh wait...you're RUDE RICK! Champion of the left and all things absurd! and yet, you want to preach morality... hmmmm... Rude Rick = Pat Buchanan ????
  7. JMaximus12

    Where were you when 10/11 happened?

    dood, you have such littl eclass.....
  8. she does need a shave, but Kilroy and TOny rock..good work...Kelly is the best
  9. JMaximus12

    Caribbean Recommendations

    i don't know everyone's aversion to Jamaica. been there twice, loved every minute of it, can't wait to go back. Loved Negril, Loved Ocho Rios. oh well. Sandals is the best way to go. if you have to pick, go with Antigua over St. Lucia. I hear the "3rd world syndrome" in St. Lucia is awful, worse than in Jamaica. Antigua is their most private resort. and from what i hear, their nicest. enjoy!
  10. JMaximus12

    Global Warming takes a year off.

    Wow, so you take a story, that again, uses those "Guessing" words you wackos like ("suggests", "May be correlated", "Possible links to"), and prop yourself up on THAT? besides, you claimed it was related to "El Nino", NOT African Dust storms...how convenient for you, to change your argument midstream. same thing about this article. filled with conjecture, modelling, suggesting... please, try and deal in facts. Know what's most ironic? you are so quick to jump on Bush about his "Mission Accomplished" statement before finishing the job, but you come in here with some half cooked ideas, and claim "SUCCESS!" with your little goofy headbanger guy, when you have done ANYTHING but win your side of the debate... i guess you and Bush are a lot alike after all! Davaco President Bush
  11. JMaximus12

    One question for Bush apologists

    Voice of reason (and fact!) wins the day.
  12. JMaximus12

    Global Warming takes a year off.

    wow. thats really not a good argument at all. first of all, the two have never been proven to be related. on the contrary, most evidence says they are not related. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_nino this is one link, there are many others Talk to people who actually study this stuff. Geologists, Meteorologists...peopel who do this stuff for a living, not politicians. not scientists who are bucking for grant money. not lobbyists, or PAC's. Even the Ex-Head of Greenpeace was confronted on this issue, and is a non-believer when confronted with real, hard data, and not projections from computer models (Sorry, no link on that one, i'll get it though). Just 30 years ago, scientists were screaming about global COOLING. the TRUTH is, there has been no pattern, not even in the last 100 years of industrialization, that would indicate humans are responsible for the temperature changes the earth has experienced: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jh...4/09/do0907.xml there is so much speculation that accompanies Global Warning. its not an earlhly problem- its a political problem. Politicians want to hang their environmental hats on "Scientific" models that are based on projection and conjecture. every statement about global warming contains some, or all of the following words: "if", "might", "could", "probably", "perhaps", "expected", "projected" or "modelled". As an engineer and a computer modeler, I know that models are inherently wrong. if they get within 50% they've done well. Every model is subject to bias, as there is a person(s) writing them. More and more real scientists are starting to see the light. i spoke with several geologists recently (Sorry, no link, as it was a casual conversation over dinner) who have been all ver the world, and seen a lot. and they'll be the first to tell you that the whole "Shrinking" glaciers theory is completely bogus. they are dropping sheets of ice from the edges, but the core of ice is thicker than its been in over 100 years. they aren't alone, as more and more are signing onto the school of thought that human's aren't causing global warming: http://www.oism.org/pproject/s33p357.htm Its a political issue, not an environmental one. Its easy to believe it, because the science sounds good. and it sounds like a noble cause. But please, do some thinking for yourselves on this issue before you believe crap like Al Gore's movie.
  13. JMaximus12

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    I personally loved the first 2, but did not buy, nor plan to buy #3. I enjoyed #3, but can't see myself watching it enough to purchase it. it wasn't as good as the 1st 2. but it's a hail of a lot better than Benchwarmers!!!!!!
  14. JMaximus12

    1,256 days since "Mission (Nothing) Accomplished"

    since when??? thats one of the primary differences between Dem's and Repub's. Dems think they know better how to spend your money FOR you, while Repubs give it back to the peopel in the form of tax cuts (Why do you think all the Dems are up in arms over the present tax cuts? because it gives too much back to PEOPLE and not enough to the GOVERNMENT, for their special programs and pet projects)
  15. JMaximus12

    LT slowing down?

    I am (An LT2 owner), and i am not (worried). Last year against the Steelers- he had 60 yards. the rest of his year was pretty fruitful. This year he had limited produciton as well, but will do fine the rest of the year. The Steelers Defense just does that to teams- makes great backs look very average. He'll be fine this year, better than fine. he'll average 20 a game from, here on out. not worried at all- he's already played Pittsburgh and Baltimore.