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  1. lojogo1

    Trade Input- Potential vs reality

    Trade completed
  2. lojogo1

    Trade Kupp & Woods for Ingram & Amari

    I don't like the trade! Cooper will never start for your team- and Ingram while a nice insurance for TD's that Kamara won't get, still won't give you the production of Kupp and Woods
  3. lojogo1

    Trade Input- Potential vs reality

    LOL- Yes definitely not Pacman! Holding onto my 2018 bust Hogan in case the latter happens.
  4. lojogo1

    2 decent QB options

    Goff! Rivers is always dicey when he comes east
  5. lojogo1

    trade advise

    I'd be all in on that trade- Lose value at QB but Hill will start along side Hopkins and Ekeler is better option than any of the others starting next to Hunt
  6. Received a trade offer this morning in 12 man PPR League- Guy offered Adam Jones and Josh Gordon for Carlos Hyde- I am strongly leaning towards accepting for the potential factor essentially, but would love some feedback. I'm currently 2-3 and need WR help as I have Hunt, Gordon and Hyde (Flex) starting every week. Current WR's- Tate, Coutee, Hogan, Funchess, Mike Williams.
  7. lojogo1

    Number 7's

    10 team league Marion Barber 1.7 then R Wayne 2.4
  8. Guy drafted San Diego in round 3 this year. Wonder if he like all of the Merriman injury news. LOL
  9. lojogo1

    who did you take in the 1st and at what spot?

    MbIII at 7. wanted Addai or Moss, who went at 4 and 6. Buy very pleased to get Barber
  10. lojogo1

    7th pick in a 10 team league

    Yeah, I'm definitely not thrilled with my back up qb. The reason for two kickers, is because my league is a little unigue. We have a supplemental draft at week 6 and cannot drop or add until after that so, I have to draft to prvent injury Thanks for the feedback
  11. lojogo1

    My team: Praise it or Trash it.

    I like it. QB's are nice and I agree that Schaub should be a quality backup. I do like Thomas Jones but he might have been alittle early but due to you pick in the draft he would have never made it back to ya. I like the recievers but Marshall hurts when Marshall is out 1/4 of regular season. It's pretty similar to my team that I drafted 7th. D Williams is a very nice late grab.
  12. Here's me team from a league that that starts 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr's/te, k, def I went MBIII in the first round, then 3 straight wr's. Grabbed a ton of backs in hopes someone steps up as my 2nd rb. D Anderson J Campbell MBIII W Parker E Graham D Williams F Jones Chris Johnson R Wayne T Holt A Boldin K Winslow J Gaffney R Longwell M Prater Dallas Def
  13. lojogo1

    Sterling Sharpe is AWFUL!

    Hilarious. How did Shannon come in to play? You have the wrong brother, but thanks for the useless opinion
  14. lojogo1

    Sunday Ticket

    Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback Let the carpel-tunnel syndrome begin from all the clicking lol
  15. lojogo1

    Sunday Ticket

    Fellas, I recently ordered Direct TV's Sunday ticket. Due to never have satellite b4, I'm still very unfamiliar with it. It states that you can set it up to alert you when your fantasy guys score etc.. My question is how exactly you go about doing it, and can you do it b4 the season actually starts, or do you have to wait until the games get rolling. I haven't had any luck navigating to any of the Sunday Ticket content so I imagine I have to wait. Also, do the updates come real time or are they delayed, in which I would already see their updates on the computer. It would be cool to actually watch the games without scanning the computer all day. Please share you experience.