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  1. jerryskids


    For whatever reason I view Youpron vs. Pronhub, and they have a comment section as well. I'll often scroll to the bottom AFTER watching a vid to see if there are comments.
  2. jerryskids

    Illegal shoots at Deputy in California

    Interesting. I didn't think that had been discussed here.
  3. jerryskids

    Maga crowd

    He's gotta be on the autism scale so maybe I should be nicer to him. His complete lack of self-awareness is incredible.
  4. jerryskids

    Maga crowd

    Well, it was nice having the ability to post pics, until Cuntford came along to ruin it.
  5. jerryskids

    Maga crowd

    This is why Rockford is the most useless poster on this site.
  6. jerryskids

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    Admittedly I didn't dig deep into their stuff, but more popular songs I know off the top of my head (Black Hole Sun, Spoonman) don't seem very grunge to me.
  7. jerryskids

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    Pearl Jam by far -- 10 is one of my favorite albums of all time. Never a big fan of Nirvana. Like Soundgarden and STP but are they grunge? I got into Foo later when they got more popular and weren't grunge. Life was good for me in the 90s so I wasn't feeling angsty; I was listening to more fun stuff like Blues Traveler and Gin Blossoms.
  8. jerryskids

    Maga crowd

    As I said earlier, it seems like you can start a lot of liberal stances with "it isn't fair that"...
  9. jerryskids

    Leaked footage of edjr jrs show and tell class

    😄 "Oh now you're talking."
  10. Men are genetically programmed to make as many babies with as many women as possible. Women can't process this.
  11. jerryskids

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Best sports show on TV and it isn't close, thanks largely to Chuck.
  12. I'm sure he got the best a man can get.
  13. jerryskids

    Maga crowd

    You saved me a lot of typing with these posts. I know the H1B Visa thing is big in IT, but like you said with CEO pay, I don't know if we can have a one size fits all rule. Basically I think we need to isolate the problem first. Are middle class wages a concern? Maybe. But keep in mind that most of us carry more computing power in our pockets than the Apollo spaceships. And it can access all of the knowledge ever collected with a few clicks. Life is better now in general than it has been ever in history. Is a CEO pay cap the answer? I doubt it. I mean this in the spirit of discussion: it seems like you could put "It's not fair that" in front of a lot of liberal positions. It's not fair that the CEO makes so much. But CEO pay is not the problem. To the OP: Life isn't better for everyone. MAGA appeals to the rust belt blue collar democrats who primarily worked in manufacturing and just want to do an honest day's work for a livable salary. But beyond that, it really is the perfect slogan. Most of us were more carefree in our youth. MAGA evokes a time when we perceive life was better.
  14. jerryskids

    Kamala Harris for President

    Didn't know her, I like her message. Would definitely consider her if she runs.
  15. jerryskids

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    Sux's couch was a girl named Gigi who had bigger b00bs than TNG if that is possible. Sux knew her already when we met her at his local (Reagans?). I mebbe could have had a shot as he disappeared for a while, taking a dump or showering or focking a cat or all of the above. She was pretty cool actually. But... I didn't try. Sux ended up focking her, back then he wasn't a monk. I ended up sleeping on the couch with the cats. 🐈 TNG was nice but the whole meat was a little awkward; imagine telling your husband that you are going to meet an awesome guy from your low rent FF bored.. We had appetizers at an Applebee's I think. Apparently I said something here to imply she wasn't the most gorgeous woman in the world and she kinda hates my guts now.