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  1. jerryskids

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    Any hat challenge this year? I'd bet on ASU which I have as a homer pick making the Final 4.
  2. jerryskids

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    In. Thanks for setting it up.
  3. jerryskids

    When was the last time you "Won the day" here?

    3/3/19. It was a Sunday and presumably a slower than usual traffic day because I rarely post much anymore. Also Sux throws a nice bowling ball for a lefty devil spawn. Reminds me of Earl Anthony, without any actual talent.
  4. jerryskids

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    Well, one of us made a comp and one of us made a mindlessly stupid racist comment.
  5. jerryskids

    Zion Williamson hype machine on overdrive

    Kinda reminds me of Elton Brand. A lot of hype, we'll see on his NBA skill set.
  6. jerryskids

    Random lyric thread

    Just listened to this on my flight. When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck Saying, "Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya." At seven PM a main hatchway caved in He said, "Fellas, it's been good to know ya."
  7. jerryskids

    Good Morning

    Same. I hate rye. Most places have sourdough which is my favorite.
  8. jerryskids

    Aunt Becky done focked up

    I don't think those are mutually exclusive. That being said, the benefit of an Ivy is the networking and contacts moreso than the education.
  9. jerryskids

    Random lyric thread

    One of the few rock bands to come out of AZ. I guess it is hard to drum up angst when it is sunny and a bunch of hardbodies are walking around in bikinis.
  10. jerryskids

    Random lyric thread

    And you can trust me not to think And not to sleep around If you don't expect too much from me You might not be let down The bolded is one of my favorite lyrics ever.
  11. jerryskids

    Random lyric thread

    Yes!!! I knew I recognized those lyrics. Love that song. Great call.
  12. jerryskids

    Noodlin' Girl

    Also totally wood.
  13. jerryskids

    Refusing to Apologize - We Need More of This

    I'm OK with this. Seems like the Dems are beginning to eat their own, and Beto the beta is just letting it happen to himself. He should have given them a hearty Fock You and explain that the joke disparages him and not his wife.