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  1. Deadpool

    Redskins will win the NFC east

    Probably the funniest post that I've read all day...
  2. Deadpool

    MB3 is better than Julius Jones in every way.

    Doesn't take an expert to see that the last 2 games when Jones is at RB, they don't move the ball as well as they do with Barber. As soon as Jones gets hit, he falls down. His legs stop moving. Barber keeps his legs moving. With Barber in, the offense seems to move the ball better. Now, I agree that Dallas shouldn't wear Barber down, but he should be the main ball carrier. Give him one or two series off a game.
  3. Deadpool

    Dallas homers

    Its been reported that Newman has practiced the last 2 days, but it will probably be a game-time decision. As far as his back-up getting burned...... actually Reeves did a decent job, if we actually had another safety that could cover, Plaixco wouldn't have torched the Boys as bad. That being said, I still expect Dallas to either trade for CB help or try and get someone off the street, soon.
  4. Deadpool

    Vince Young - Week 2

    Young's stats from last year games vs. Indy Game 1 - 10 of 21, 63 yds passing, 4 Rushes, 43 yds, 1TD In most systems that would have been about 12 points. Game 2 - 15 of 25, 163 yds passing, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 9 rushes, 78 yds In most systems that would have been 19 points. I would start him over Grossman for the simple fact you never know what you are going to get from Grossman. Too much of a gamble. At least with Young you know you will get somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 points with his passing and running. AND YES, I think he will get that vs. the Indy defense.
  5. Deadpool

    Owner just picked up Corey Dillon?

    There are rumors floating around that Chicago is interested in him. He hasn't signed anywhere yet though. Sounds like the owner is just being proactive in the event someone signs him.
  6. Deadpool

    What do I do with Vince Young?

    Hoge has been ripping Young since last season. That didn't stop Young from getting the Titans 7 wins in the last half.
  7. Deadpool

    Who are you starting over Lee Evans?

    I wasn't mocking you. I was mocking the many posters that frequently give those type of responses. But since you don't want to be left out ............ if you truly have those WRs on your team, then you must be playing with the Short Bus All-Stars.
  8. Deadpool

    Who are you starting over Lee Evans?

    Cues "Are you in a 6 team league" response in 3........2..........
  9. Deadpool

    Most Debated Questions of the Pre-Season

    ATL RB Situation - Dunn vs. Norwood The 2nd year QBs - How will the fare (Young, Cutler, Leinart)
  10. Deadpool

    Anyone here actually think Moss won't play Sunday?

    I think most people are taking a "wait and see" approach with Moss for Week 1. Unfortunatley for us, I think the Patriots are doing the same thing.
  11. Hell might as well start Dalton Hillliard and Craig Heyward why you are at it. Seriously, unless you just dont have that many options for starting players, I would serioulsy consider not starting all 3. Don't put all your eggs in one basket...........
  12. Deadpool

    Who are you starting over Lee Evans?

    I also want to add one more thing........... You should not under any circumstances start playing Matchups in Week 1. The earliest any fantasy owner should be rationally contemplating starting/benching players based on matchups and numbers should be Week 4 or 5. Every year is different, especially in Today's NFL. For the first 4 weeks, you should be starting your best players (or your percieved best players from your draft). Then adjust accordingly.
  13. Deadpool

    Give it up baby, how's it look?

    If you don't want people to be brutally honest with your team when you post a pointless "rate my team" post, then don't post them. HTH
  14. Yeah, um.............Good Luck with that.
  15. Deadpool

    Science in Texas

    And once again, Wacko makes the rest of Texas look bad................... Sometimes its hard to believe that people are actually this stupid.