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    FU succop. i now feel about you

    Let's not forget the cr@ppy forward progress and blew the whistle on the fake punt in OT. He was still moving forward when the Chiefs defender took the ball away and ran it in for a td. Just my two pennies
  2. There was a play that looked to me like a lateral for 6 or 7 yards. He was given the yardage as a pass. The NFL reviews each play and makes their official corrections. Manning was pulled after he broke the record by a yard. Anybody notice the play? Probably nothing but would the NFL have the b@lls to take the record away from the Mighty Manning. Just my two pennies
  3. steel827

    Focking Patriots

    Don't forget the defenseless receiver call. Not sure he was even down. BS. Gave them and extra 15 yards on the kickoff. Changes everything. Just my two pennies
  4. steel827

    Congrats to the refs, err Pats

    Let's not forget the defenseless receiver hit. I'm not even sure he got hit before the feet were down. Gave them the kickoff 15 yards further. Changes everything. Just my two pennies
  5. Redonedog, I think it's time to stop. A lot of people are just wired differently. I don't get it nor do I want to get it. Nobody in any of my two big money leagues would even consider doing this with big money at stake. I guess I don't understand the selfishness of somebody with NOTHING to gain to stand in the way of others with everything to gain. When playing for money it's all about the money. Playing for 7th place just to feel good because you stunk it up is for suckers. Just my two pennies
  6. Once I am done and I can not win any money and there is absolutely nothing to play for except a stupid meaningless win then I am in shut down mode for the rest of the year. If I am still alive and somebody who is not is just being a d!ck then I will make it my mission for the next year to screw that person (as long as it does not impact my own standings). I will tank matches just to screw that person. I will trade to benefit anybody that can screw that person. It's not my fault you did a poor job during the season and now you want to be nothing more that just being a pain. If it's a free non money league then whatever. Just my two pennies
  7. A few things to consider. First is this a keeper league? If yes then the pickup is fine. I'm not sure what the "consolation" matchup is. Is it just to matchup teams that are no longer qualified for the remainder of the playoffs? Personally, if there is money involved and they are not a participant then they should not. It's cr@p if they do. Don't screw with people playing for money. Just my two pennies
  8. When Seattle scored in the first period it was ruled a fumble return. It looked close to being a Brees int. is there enough on that play for the NFL to reverse it and call it a pick? Our league rules does not count fumbles. If reversed then Brees gets the pick and I lose out on division $$. Any thoughts? Just my two pennies
  9. steel827

    About to shut my league down.

    Give advance warning. Payment by Sunday at noon or the league is done. Don't let it linger on. Good luck collecting from the dirtbag who is 0-5. If you are too cheap to pay up front then stop wasting everybody's time and go join a free league where everybody wins. Just my two pennies
  10. steel827

    Foster + Tate = fantasy gold

    No, I know he is a good back. I think it's more of a situational problem. I think with Foster back(makes me very concerned) being questioned it won't be cut and dry on who is playing. I see games where he is scheduled to start but Tate is the effective runner. I think my problem entering the draft next week is that I may not get Tate. Then if Foster back becomes a real issue I've got problems. I'm drafting second and I don't need the headaches so early in the season. Lol Just my two pennies
  11. steel827

    Will you take McFadden in the 3rd?

    I am done with "he who must not be named". Stubs his toe and he is out for 9 weeks, but every week he is really close to returning. I've had him 3 times and every time he burns me. An incredible talent but gets hurt too often. Frustrating to keep and hard to get rid of. All that being said.......... Just my two pennies
  12. steel827

    Foster + Tate = fantasy gold

    I'm not big on the handcuffs. Rarely do they work out. Even if Foster does get injured, I have to put a 30% reduction on Tate because he simply isn't as good as Foster. It gets really muddled if they get Tate more involved and they work out to a 70/30 split. Now Foster isn't elite and Tate is barely playable. Starting both gets you very good numbers but at the cost of 2 spots. I don't know how to deal with this so I'm staying away. Just my two pennies
  13. steel827

    So livid right now!

    Looks like it was a very successful block. Well done. You need to prepare for week 17 and all it's craziness on who is playing and who is not. Our Super Bowl ended in week 17, but we have a large cumulative payout that goes through week 17. Budgeting is key because money is won and lost on week 17. Just my two pennies
  14. steel827

    Players you'll never draft again

    No contest. McFadden. Two years in a row. Done. Interesting about Decker. Coming out of camp and throughout pre-season it was he and not Thomas that had clicked with Manning. Just my two pennies
  15. steel827

    ESPN commentator thinks RG3.....

    Who is Rob Parker? Exactly. Just my two pennies