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    Is Demaryius Thomas legit?

    Im starting him over N.Wash, DJAX and HOlmes- Hopefully a smart move and I have Tebow too....they should be throwing because NE will put up pts and NE def is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!
  2. rocco91

    Week 14 FU thread

    2nd that one- FOCK GB and all their 57 different WR's that he throws too
  3. rocco91


  4. rocco91

    P. Manning

    With all the Qb's that have gone down....any value in picking up Manning and hoping he plays in week 15-16? Especially for the teams that have locked up bye weeks or playoff berths? Anybody taking a chance or is it a REACH and a wasted rostes spot???
  5. rocco91

    Joe McKnight

    He went to John Curtis
  6. rocco91

    Where's Nicks?

    Watching mannningham and cruz score all those points....FOCK!!!!! EDIT: and scoring a TD himself.....BOOYAH!!!!
  7. rocco91

    New Feature - Rest of the Way Rankings!

    I agree NO WAY I am drafting Tolbert, Magahee, Benson, GORE(really?), Greene and Blount over FOSTER I dont care what his injury status is.... Since when has GORE ever been healthy for more than 3 games in a row I would put Foster somewhere between MENDY and Hillis on that list On the other topic this is a GREAT TOOL..Just need some personalized adjustments to who you like or dont like...but great idea!!! thanks guys
  8. rocco91

    James Starks Week 4 Outlook

    i agree
  9. rocco91

    What is Fred Jackson's value

    Do you guys go out and trade for Spiller as a handcuff? Is Spiller even worth having if FJAX goes down? Would he even come close to the production?
  10. rocco91

    Hakeem Nicks is a bust this year

    I just bought him low and hope he pays off starting this week!! Just throw it up to him like Stafford does to CALVIN....
  11. rocco91

    Question for Michael Vick owners...

    SPOT on my friend..SPOT ON!!!
  12. rocco91

    Vick owners...

    I have him and i have offered trades to everyone in the league and NOBODY wants anything to do with him right now....I have ELi as my backup so i guess I will ride him until Vick proves he can stay in for the entire game.. I really thought he was in line for a good year...so far I WAS WRONg...hopefully he can turn in around.....
  13. rocco91

    Mendenhall Blows!

    Ok so we all agree that he sucks but the important questions is what do I do with him now? Trade him, bench him? What kind of value to you get for him? I just cant see anyone giving any real value for him....I think I am FOCKED and just have to keep him...Cant bench him with the cupcakes on his schedule, then again INDY should have been one of those cupcakes....FOCK....I dont know what to FOCKING DO
  14. rocco91

    Official Week 3 F.U. thread.......

    He just isnt the same...def must have caught up with him... he needs to get rid of the ball quicker
  15. rocco91

    Michael Vick

    He won my a title last year looks like him and a bunch of other injuries will cost me one this time