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  1. I recently learned about the wild pig problem in the middle of the country. Tons of invasive boars are breeding out of control and causing billions in damage. There are hunting squads encouraged to take out as many as they can. Saw some cool videos of guys riding a Jeep at night with spotlights picking them off. Wild stuff.
  2. Not true, places in Africa make burger patties out of mosquitoes. Not like some bugs mixed in with the meat, I mean like a million dead bugs mushed into a patty. Sorry if I made you gag.
  3. For 100k I’d give someone a permit to kill anyone. I can’t blame them there. Heck I’d kill anyone myself for that.
  4. tanatastic

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    I’ve said this before. The slave trade drastically hurt the country in the long run. It bred generations of hate and bad behavior into the African Americans. If we had just let them immigrate naturally over time I think the mindset would be different and the crime/violence numbers would be shockingly lower than they are now.
  5. tanatastic

    Democrat Projection

    Never have, never will. Voting is only relevant in battleground states.
  6. tanatastic

    Just like that, she was gone. Warren....first in; first out.

    Oh god there’s gonna be so many memes if she makes a serious run at this. In today’s America, winning the meme/twitter war is just as important as the campaign trail pretty much.
  7. tanatastic

    Raine Michaels - Brett's daughter........

    Whoa, slow down there, Brett was a goddess.
  8. Have to admit that’s a pretty awesome set of trophy horns.
  9. tanatastic

    MDC, you were right

    God that looks so good.
  10. tanatastic

    I Don't Dislike the New Like Button

    I like it fine, now we just need a “fluid” option for gender.
  11. tanatastic

    New Rotoworld Layout

    I’m using the app now and don’t see a difference. Do you mean the desktop site?
  12. I mean, they blatantly do look like blackface caricatures. I was prepared to go in and see a big reach but this is pretty spot on. Whoever greenlit those designs is dumb and asking for trouble.
  13. tanatastic

    You should watch the movie "Upgrade"

    Not when you getting a massage.
  14. tanatastic

    MDC, you were right

    Fry in a pan with a lid covering to melt the cheese is a good reheat. Oven works fine too. Broiler doesn’t get the bottom crust crispy enough for my liking. Microwave sucks but I use it if I’m in a hurry. If it’s pizza, I’m ok with it as pizza is life.