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  1. Chubb owners just hope for a nice lengthy suspension to be known before draft time. Hopefully then Hunt can be drafted late and stashed by Chubb owner.
  2. boilerddd

    Championship tie breaker

    Before our league went to fractional scoring, that was my strategy. Inflate that bench total just in case.
  3. boilerddd

    Eagles at Rams: In-Game Discussion

    Indeed. Feel like I'm watching some horrible world cup soccer match. Take the Vuvuzela's and insert them deeply where the sun don't shine Rams fans.
  4. boilerddd

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Fock my entire team!! Fock FF in general. Rolled thru the regular season, only to be slapped in the playoffs. Can't even get a win in the consolation round. Too many Fock yous to go around. Thelien, Hill, Allen, Gonk, Conner thanks for nothing. I'll even throw out a major FU to Gurley for last week.
  5. boilerddd

    Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Before I can have an educated opinion on this riveting question, I need some clarification. Are you referring to Biological brothers or two individuals who have sworn a blood oath? I have no problem with bio brothers playing in a league together, but "blood brothers" that's a whole different level BS collusion possibilities.
  6. boilerddd

    Week 14 FU Thread

    No doubt. Totally screwed the pooch this week. Picked up these dogs a few weeks ago for this match-up. Opps they give up 20pts in the first half. I also was feeling pretty smart finding Fairbairn sitting on the wire this week and putting him in the line-up. Lost 7 pts on that brilliant move. I just need to get out of my own way most of the time.
  7. boilerddd

    Week 14 FU Thread

    Man should have F'd Chubb an hour ago!!!
  8. boilerddd

    Week 14 FU Thread

    F you Hill. Thanks for the early exit, likely will reflect my early exit from the playoffs. F you Chubb. Feel free to kick Mayfield in the nads for me.
  9. boilerddd

    ESPN Fantasy Football scoring snafu this am!

    Bravo Sir, Bravo
  10. boilerddd


    On the bench for the 2/3 semifinal matchup in our league. The guy Started Cory Davis in his Flex over Henry. Can't say i blame him for it at all, but ouch that one's got to hurt.
  11. Agree with weepaws on this. I will also add that it will be poetic and awesome when the said "weaker" opponent you set yourself up to plays has a stellar day and lights your ass up in the playoffs.
  12. boilerddd

    Who are you starting Ware over?

    Same situation here. Barring injury to my other backs. Saw Ware sitting on the ww late afternoon, when the Hunt noise first started. He looks much better sitting on my bench, rather than inserted into the starting line-ups of my playoff competitors. Crazy situation all the way around.
  13. boilerddd

    FU Thanksgiving week 12

    James Conner FU. Apparently you need Bell looming in the background to be worth a . You've played like a backup scrub since Bell was permanently sidelined.
  14. I didn't like how that play at start of game looked, when defender rode him out of bounds and landed on the back of his legs. Ran back into field of play, but still looked a little off. May be nothing, but game script seems odd to say the least.