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  1. Know Doubt

    FFLW was Hacked to Death. Exists no more.

    easy fellas easy... Dag here. i'll get a temporary chat board set up for communications and we'll get all the head commishes in there soon. i've just gotta talk with RC, Dan here and 625'er and the rest, we'll get this straight and get all FFlivewires' Ronan new jobs. tomorrow though… i just got back from Finland, time for sleep.
  2. Know Doubt

    White/w Red Stripes 69 Roadrunner

    omg... lol i forgot GFIAFP had those buicks or whatever. thx guys… and fock off… seriously!!!
  3. Know Doubt

    My dad just had a heart attack...

  4. 4 speed original 383 done .40 over/ about 50k miles ago post car 3.23 sure grip the question is how rare is a red white and blue roadrunner??? the car is rated a 2/5, complete and has been sitting for 15 years in arizona. i was just about to sell it and noticed that white roadrunners in any year were absent from any selling sites. and the craptastic ones are $5-8k that are in the same shape as mine. anybody know a more up to date on mopars than i am??? i stopped collecting in the late 90s but red white and blue outta be worth a bit more? the 2nd owner(I'm the 3rd) painted the car yellow with black and thats how it sits minus a fender replaced from an accident. please and thank you.
  5. having the amish rifle at qb was a huge blessing. the rook qb getting his jaw broken in preseason was every FF player's dream.
  6. Know Doubt

    Favorite Album. Beginning to End Greatness.

    regatta de blanc clockwork angels awake(dream theatre)
  7. Know Doubt

    The First Time.....

  8. …or you mean pay the same taxes as everybody else? yeah, no you're you're right, they should get a ton of tax breaks.
  9. and thor buzzes escobar with the first pitch!!! stay classy mets.
  10. Know Doubt

    Sketchy Trade

    this. and if somebody's not going to submit a lineup against a team it just made what seems like a very heavily lopsided trade with then i'd grab a pitchfork along with the rest of the village. also get out of that league after this year.
  11. Know Doubt

    Real Estate Prices Near Maine' Coast

    yeah 2nd home but i was thinking of buying 2 or maybe 3 of the lesser $$$ ones and renting them out for summers etc and i could be around the corner to manage them closely or the like. i dunno, it just seems crazy that you can get a 4bd, 1700+sq ft for around $150k or even less. i noticed the 'car score' thingy though and most are a 2 out of 10 so when you are snowed in you're freaking snowed in, no walking to the Shaw's or Stop and Shop, etc. that may have something to do with it. thx for all the responses.
  12. Okay we're talking about possibly moving to the Maine on the coast off of Banghor and I looked on zillow and there's some really cheap houses there with great sq ft and acreage, etc... http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Penobscot-ME-04476/59524_rid/3-_beds/100000-300000_price/385-1157_mp/44.595112,-68.341484,44.217401,-69.154472_rect/10_zm/1_fr/ so what gives? some of these places have a street and then the focking atlantic ocean in front of them or with in sight, etc. i know that age and possible repairs will be needed but why are some of these home ridiculously priced so low w/o mention of needing repairs??? do the entire water lines/electrical etc need to be replaced or the like? anybody from Maine on here or in the Real Estate game? i've been studying tucson, az for a few years and know that market but Maine is new to me. thx.
  13. Know Doubt

    NCAA tournament challenge on yahoo

    shut up you, you.. you...
  14. Know Doubt

    NCAA tournament challenge on yahoo

    it won't let me put in my english cell phone…??? should i just make up a cp number…???