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  1. EAwer

    Rank these scrub RBs for Championship Game

    What about Toby against the Titans as compared to these guys??
  2. As you can see by my join date, I have been playing FF for a while now. Heading into the game yesterday, in a .5 PPR standard scoring league, i was down 99.9 to 133.07. I had only Russell Wilson, my opponent had Alfred Morris. I won 135.8 to 135.27 because of that last play on 3rd and 4 where Russell escaped the blitz and flicked it to Marshawn. So Crazy.
  3. EAwer

    McCoy / Sproles Owners

    As a Lions homer, i would say, in general, start Joquie when we play on the road/outdoors/on grass, and bench him when we play at home/in domes/on turf. Bush is great on turf/domes, but sucks on grass/outdoors, so we utilize Bell in the latter situations.
  4. EAwer

    Toby Gerhart is making me uncomfortable..

    I am stuck between him and McKinnon.........gotta roll with Toby at least one more week I think, pray for me
  5. even better: https://screen.yahoo.com/wade-blasingame-call-wade-000000326.html
  6. Neither. I work for a small law firm specializing in administrative, constitutional, and regulatory law.
  7. Oh and I have had the same signature for the entire time. Anyone know how many division titles the Lions have won since 2001? Playoff wins? Playoff appearances? Top 5 draft picks? Top 10 draft picks?
  8. its a cool feeling honestly...its like a tradition at this point.
  9. Havent been an active member for all 13.5 years of course. I browse periodically and post rarely.
  10. And why would people think lawyers are real smart? Pretty much anyone with any college degree, a desire to take on 150k in debt, and suffer through three years of lost wages can become a lawyer nowadays.