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  1. hanner

    Drake or Hogan PPR

    Have a 30 point lead going into tonight. He has Brady, Lewis, Landry and Gostkowski. I have Cooks and Drake. I was thinking of subbing in Hogan for Drake trying to negate Brady points. Any opinions?
  2. hanner

    Vick experiment over

    With a heavy heart I finally have to give up on Vick having a resurgance this year. Other than QB I do have a pretty good team, looking for guidance on who to go with the rest of the year. I have Dalton already, looking at either Wilson or Locker who are available. Your thoughts...
  3. hanner

    Ridley or Leshoure?

    Non-PPR Worried about Ridley's role after last week. Vikes have been pretty good against the run this year. Thanks!
  4. hanner

    Pick 3 to start PPR league

    McFadden and Amendola if you need 2 Fitzgerald if you need 3 Maclin out Colston dinged up foot
  5. Does Britt's injury and the addition of Moss add or subtract to Washington's value? Do the Jets ever get any consistancy in their passing game? Does Eli start looking Smith's way a little more often? Your thoughts appreciated!