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  1. Mile High Magic

    Browns at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    the best play of the game was a screen to Lindsay. They have been pulling him all year on third down for Booker. dumb.
  2. Mile High Magic

    Matt Patricia

    Anybody think the brain trust in Detroit knows that the only rusher to focus on in Buffalo is Allen? This guy has been on fire with over 100 in three straight and not one of those three teams could stop him. If you force him to throw he will make errors, he is a rookie on a terrible team. Set a spy and leave him.
  3. Mile High Magic

    Carson Wentz to miss Week 15

    picked up files to block my opponent who has wentz and cousins.
  4. Mile High Magic

    Justin Jackson

    I could put in for this guy but I don't think I can start him over Ingram or Cohen. Bye week and to much thinking.
  5. Mile High Magic

    ESPN Fantasy Football scoring snafu this am!

    except it is an abbreviation situation normal all fxxxed up. lol
  6. Mile High Magic

    Okay what about your LVP (Least) for the year?

    Howard stinking up the joint.
  7. Mile High Magic

    Gurley owners

    I picked him up to keep him from gurley owner who I will most likely face in playoffs.
  8. Mile High Magic

    Defense week 12

    New england for this week and 16 if I make it. Got Miami vs bills next week. Next week I will try and pick up the Lions for 14/15.
  9. Mile High Magic

    playoff defenses?

    Bengals or Lions for week 15. Yes they don't play much d in those cities right now but they are playing Oakland and the Bills. Definitely the Pats for week 16 they will be burning the wagons.
  10. Mile High Magic

    Ingram - Droppable?

    I think Ingram outscores Zeke this week. I am still starting Zeke but after a huge night from Big Ben last night I am tempted to swap them.
  11. Mile High Magic

    Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    David Moore had three weeks of good numbers and last week bubkiss. I think now that teams have some tape on him he has a down week. Just can't chase the points. Cobb may be beneficiary.
  12. Mile High Magic

    Bold Predictions

    Post yours for week 9. Big Ben has a 300yd 3td game on the road against his biggest rival.
  13. Mile High Magic

    Better QB ROS: Luck or Wentz?

    I think Luck. He is throwing the ball on a historic pace. The competition gets a lot tougher on his running back the rest of the way.
  14. Mile High Magic

    Kelly Arrested. Sanders Owners Rejoice?

    sanders now the backup qb
  15. Mile High Magic

    Indy D

    Did not get them anyway. Last week I also failed to get Houston d because we go worst to first. I lost by 1 by sticking with Carolina. Houston had 18. I would pick up the Bill's but I am starting luck. As a rule I won't start a defense against my QB. I usually stream a couple weeks in advance but due to short bench and bye week issues I have not been able to.