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  1. Police said the prostitutes were all adults. No underage. It would have made it worse if he was banging an underage one. Every now and then i’ll read about an Asian massage parlor in my area getting shutdown. It’s never big news and the Johns aren’t arrested or even investigated. Cops go undercover and bust the owners. This seemed like a pretty detailed bust with hidden cameras and it took months. Kraft was just at the wrong place. With his money, he could have flown to a place where it’s legal.
  2. mighty_thor

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    The Rams had way more pick plays in this game just like KC had more pick plays in the AFC Championship game. On the final drive of the game it was just about impossible for the Pats to have a pick play as they were playing with an extra blocking tight end and and 2 running backs (1 full back) with just one wide receiver. Gronk was triple covered on the big catch. Edelman is a magician at getting open without any help by a pick. Pats really missed Josh Gordon in this game. Against the Chargers, they were able to pound the ball consistently but the Rams presented a tougher d line. Chris Hogan is good when they line up 3 wide receivers but he can't get any separation on any decent corner when they line up 2 wideouts. He was ok when playing with Edelman and Gordon and in previous years when the Pats had Cooks, Amendola or Edelman. Pats need some speed at receiver next year.
  3. Working in Chicago. Thermometer hanging on my office building read -25 this morning. My car read -21 driving in. Its windy too. My office overlooks the Chicago River. We are debating whether or not you could actually walk across the river right now. Looking for volunteers to settle the debate.
  4. mighty_thor

    Tom Brady greatness stat of the week

    If Tom Brady wins the super bowl he will have as many playoff victories as any 2 quarterbacks combined.
  5. mighty_thor

    Fyre Fest documentary

    It was in CA for me too. I only lived there for a year and left the state because they basically stopped all spending on infrastructure and I am a civil engineer. Happened to me around 2003/04. I was basically on call, coming in on an as needed basis, sometimes only one day a week.
  6. mighty_thor

    FOCK... being force transferred again.

    I dont think anything is needed. I dont think border security is that big of a problem. If you really were concerned about the border security then invest in more drones/satellite technology, not a wall.
  7. mighty_thor

    Trump Playing Chess...Your move Nancy!

    Trump got emasculated. He will tell his followers differently and they will continue to believe him. Rinse repeat.
  8. I have a schizophrenic wife who actually thinks I am trying to kill her. She thinks I am trying to do it with toxins in the house. She wont let me use Clorox or other cleaners to clean the bathroom because they are too toxic. She wont cook with the stove or oven because she thinks they are giving off too much carbon monoxide even though I have many many carbon monoxide detectors stationed in all corners showing otherwise. She is a regular caller of 911 and visitor to a psych hospital. Unfortunately its pretty hard to convince a person to take their meds when they don t think they have a problem.
  9. mighty_thor

    Fyre Fest documentary

    I was with a company that asked people to cut their hours drastically and I was able to file for a partial unemloyment. Needless to say, I found a new job pretty quickly after they started that crap.
  10. mighty_thor

    Tom Brady greatness stat of the week

    In the last 12 years, regular season in playoffs combined: Brady vs the AFC: 120-30 .800 vs AFC East 52-13 .800 vs rest of AFC 68-17 .800 Their "rest of AFC schedule" includes 3 1st place teams and typically 2 playoff games against the best AFC teams. So, much for their record being boosted by AFC East opponents.
  11. mighty_thor

    Jared Goff’s gf Christen Harper

    She reminds me of the Patriots Kyle Van Noy's wife: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVJV_MelfSM/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BB0WfiVv16S/
  12. mighty_thor

    Playoff OT Rules

    This would not even be a discussion topic if the chiefs had won the coin flip and scored a TD on it's 1st drive.
  13. mighty_thor

    Anyone Notice The Patriots...

    New England Patriots will be in the Conference Championship or "Final Four" for 13th time since 2001 More than the next two teams combined (PHI, PIT) More than any division AFC North - 9 South - 6 West- 6 NFC East - 8 North - 8 South - 10 West - 10
  14. My sister raised her family in Benington and my uncle and his family lived in Stowe. Nice place to visit. Not a lot of lucrative employment opportunities. My Uncle was a politician in Stowe and he said he could get me a job working for the State of Vermont when I got of college in 1986 (Civil Engineer). Pay was $17,000 a year. I ended up getting $26,000 a year to start in Massachusetts. So I was making 56% more in MA than I would in VT. My cousins and nephews who were raised in Vermont were all heavy pot smokers. They were like the equivalent of surfer dudes except exchange the surf boards with skis.