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  1. crackills

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    Both Sanders and Lindsay are coming off season ending injuries and surgeries.. Achilles tear is a 2 year recovery inj and Sanders tore it at the end of the year. Good luck
  2. crackills

    Broncos trading for Flacco

    So Flaco badly underperformed over the last 4 years and went from a team with crappy O line and no O weapons to a team with even worse Oline, no RB, no O weapons ... and is expected to all of a sudden "turn the corner" and become good?! Elway is an idiot.
  3. Hunt is an idiot no doubt.. and what he did was wrong. But a call for a lifetime ban is ridiculous. Rice never got another chance because: 1. He was already on decline 2. His incident was much worse. Hunt shoved a girl with his foot..10wk ban to make a statement. Tyreek HIll (coincidently also drafted by the chiefs) beat the sh!t of his pregnant girlfriend. Yet he was drafted, has a job and is now considered one of the top WRs in the league.. everyone conveniently forget about his past. also Franchises should be held responsible for drafting these duchebags. Chiefs suck too: 1. They knew about the incident and swept is under the rug 2. they draft players with a history of domestic abuse.
  4. crackills

    B. Mayfield: think he sticks it to CINCY?

    I am starting him over Brady.. so here is hoping
  5. crackills

    K. Cousins Week 16

    you cant trust Cousins.. plus min will run the hell out of the ball, but your funeral
  6. crackills

    Post them Championship bound rosters

  7. crackills

    Soooo. Derrick Henry

    i picked him up last week and he did well for me.. but i'd be weary starting him against Washington this week.. that D and front D line is built to stop big bruiser type RBs
  8. crackills

    Championship DST!?!

    Both Colts and Min are good bets
  9. right... easier to blame the OC than say "oh , we just paid 84mil for an average QB"
  10. crackills

    Who else "over thought it"?

    started Mayfield over Brady.. oh well. i would have lost anyway
  11. crackills

    Any inside info on Diggs playing today?

    yup... and now Kousins isnt a must play as well. he tends to struggle without Diggs
  12. NYG D might not be a bad start
  13. crackills

    Defense week 12

    New Orleans @ home is a tough matchup. they can do well against ATL
  14. crackills

    Defense week 12

    Colt is a better QB in this system then Smith.. Skins actually have a higher chance of winning with Mccoy
  15. crackills

    Waiver strategy in yahoo leagues?

    thats a good explanation, thanks.. i like that strategy. the issue is that i never get my top claim and always somehow end up with a late waiver order.. ill need to dig in to this