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  1. Apollo Creed

    Jay Ajayi hits IR

    The Eagles will now be serious contenders for the services of L.Bell.
  2. Apollo Creed

    Jay Ajayi hits IR

    How much you wanna bet?
  3. Apollo Creed

    Jay Ajayi hits IR

    Torn ACL not his back. Hes done for the year
  4. Apollo Creed


    He’s a beast and a TD machine. Passed on David Johnson & Zek to take him at #4. I’m about to be 4-0 with the most points scored.
  5. Apollo Creed

    Corey Clement

    Eagles fan here. He is day to day... I expect him to play but it wouldnt surprise me if he didnt just to get him healthy again. I feel the eagles are taking a more cautious approach to players this year to get them healthier for later in the year... think they still win w/out Ajayi not out there but ultimately I think it will be up to him and he will play in a limited role.
  6. Apollo Creed

    David Johnson trade value

    Bust if the year. Stay away...
  7. Apollo Creed

    Beast Mode

    He was limited in that game and once they fell behind (my only concern going forward) is that they didnt use him enough. Its along season, hes getting old and they dont wanna burn him out but he was my sleeper RB this year. You know Gruden wants to pound the ball all day and will at the goalline all year and work off play-action. His workload will only go up. I think he looked great for his age.
  8. Apollo Creed

    Would you do this trade

    Sign me up
  9. Apollo Creed

    Beast Mode

    mike alstott 2.0 with gruden. Hes gonna score 20 TDs this year
  10. Apollo Creed

    Rams at Raiders: In-Game Discussion

    Beast Mode will be a Top 5 RB in ‘18
  11. Apollo Creed

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Sounds like you had a tough week 1 and could visually see what I was talking about during that game. “You can only lead a horse to water, you cant make him drink”
  12. Apollo Creed

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Who didnt see it coming? Kamara 3 TDs 141 yards > DJ & Zek combined
  13. Apollo Creed

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Went with my gut. All good points. It wasnt easy passing on DJ and Zek. Kamara at 4. Let the games begin
  14. Apollo Creed

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    I have the 4th puck which I wanna put in the garbage disposal and it seems like Ill be in line for Zek, DJ or Kamara. Dont like either Dallas/Arz as teams, dallas oline is fallin apart, DJ schedule looks brutal. Im starting to lean towards Kamara 😳