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9th pick, 14 team keeper league

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PPR league, 6pts pass/rush/rec TD, 1 pt / 25 yd passing


14 team 1 keeper league.


Keepers already taken for this year: LJ, LT, SA, Portis, SJax, Edge, Westbrook, Palmer, S Smith, T Holt, A Gates, T Brady, D McNabb (I have Westbrook)


I have the 9th pick


I would assume the first 5 players taken would be: L Jordan, R Brown, T Barber, C Williams, and R Johnson


That leaves: P Manning, W McGahee, R Dreughns, C Taylor , L Fitzgerald, A Bolden, T Owens on my list.


What order would you pick those in? or is there someone else I should consider?



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6pt pass td = tempted to take Manning but I wouldn't personally.


If you don't like Peyton there, you have to take another RB... TO would be a solid pick but with Westy, you need another stud back incase he misses games like he has EVERY year he's played so far.


Not a sexy pick, but I would take McGahee -- think he'll have a much better year than what I've seen on most projection lists.


I would rank them like this for your scoring system:







Droughns / Taylor


But like I said, with your keeper, I'd have to pass on the top 2 and grab Willis if he's there... Good luck

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