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Looking for a Dynasty League

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I'm looking to join another FF Dynasty League. Any openings out there?







This league will start with an auction of 120 college teams. I have created a list of the top 100 team. I will then take the remaining 45 teams and create a poll that you can vote for more than one answer to. The top 20 vote getting colleges will then be added to the 100 teams I have chosen to give us our 120. I will then put the 120 college teams in alphabetical order and we will start the auction.


Each owner will start the auction with $200. You MUST buy exactly 10 college teams with your $200, so the max you can spend on a team is $199.91 because you will have to have 0.09 left over to buy your remaining 9 teams. At the start of each auction you have to declare whether or not you will be bidding on that specific team. Once it has been declared who is bidding and who is sitting we will continue with the bidding. Each bidding owner will bid until every owner but one has declared they are out. In the event that no owner wants to bid on a college we will skip that college and come back to it once we have gotten through every team.


Once you own the rights to that college you get every alumni from that school. You also own that team forever until you either drop them on waivers at the end of the season or trade them to another owner. At the start of week one all college teams must remain on the roster thru week 17.


FA Draft:


After the auction we will take the remaining FA's that werent on any of the college teams drafted and have a short FA draft. Year one will have a random order, with each of the following years having a worst to first order. FA's will only be on your team one year. They will not be dynasty players. Only players on owned college teams are kept every year.




Trading can only be done with FA's for FA's and college teams for college teams. All trades for college teams must be even as each owner must have 10 teams at all times.




In week 1 of the pre season each owner will be allowed to have up to 70 active players on their roster. At the start of week 2 in pre season each owner must cut their rosters to 65. At the start of week 3 in pre season each owner must cut their rosters to 60. At the start of week 4 in the preseason each owner must cut to 55. Before Week 1 of the regular season each roster must be at 50 with an additional 8 man Taxi Squad.


Taxi Squad:


Each Taxi squad will consist of 8 players. These 8 players will be your FA's. There will be no picking up or dropping FA's unless they are on your Taxi Squad. On the Tuesday of weeks 3,6,9,12,&15 you will be able to change your Taxi squad players with available FA's or players from your colleges. It will be a first come first serve waiver wire.




In week one we will be having a double header. Meaning you will be playing against two teams. This will ensure that you play everyone in your division twice and everyone else once. The regular season will go thru week 13. Weeks 14-16 will be our playoffs.




We will have a normal 1-8 style tournament in weeks 13-16. Seeding will be decided by overall record. Tiebreakers for seeding will be head to head match ups, if that doesnt break the tie then total points will be used to break the tie.


Starting Line-Ups:




4-WR/TE flex










12 owners x $200


$2400 total


1st Place- $1000

2nd Place- $350


$100 for each of the three division winners <---- Division Ties will be broken by head to head, If that doesnt break the tie then division record will be used. If that doesnt break it then total points will be used. = $300


$70 for league website


$40 weekly to the weekly high scorer thru ALL 17 weeks. If two teams have the same high score then they will split the winnings. $40 x 17 weeks = $680



End of the Season:


At the end of each season we will have a Waiver order involving the college teams. Starting with the owner that had the worst record and ending with the Superbowl champ. At this point each owner will have the ability to drop a college team and pick up a new one. This will take care of the teams that have only one star on the college, like TO on Tenn Chatt, once he retires that team is no longer valuable.


All FA's must be dropped at the end of each season.



If any of you are interested please email me at oneal_52@yahoo.com. I am an experienced 13 year commish and I know how to run a good league. Please I am not trying to sound like a ###### but I am not looking for any amateurs as I want this to be a highly competitive league. As soon as I fill up the league and collect everyones league dues we will start the auction.

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We have one opening in our dynasty league. See the thread here. You can email me at krisg012001@yahoo.com for full details if you're interested.

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We have one opening in our dynasty league. See the thread here. You can email me at krisg012001@yahoo.com for full details if you're interested.



Heres your chance to get in from the beginning


I am putting a new super league called NFL Dynasty.This is a deluxe league with 20 teams,2 ten team conferences,each with their own draft.You will also have 1 conference champ from each conference meet in a true Super Bowl at the end of the year.The cost of this league is $30 so join up,send me a email,or post here and let me know what conference and franchise number you would like and we will get you started.The league site is :



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