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32 Team Dynasty League Needs 1 Owner

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We are looking for 1 replacement owners for a 32 team league. 2011 was the 1st year and only lost 3 owners. 2 of those replacement owners have been found and we are looking for 1 more. The NY Jets are available and usually the dues are $50 a year, but the 2012 dues have been paid in advance from a deposit from when the league started up last year.


*This is a very unique league. 2 Conferences with instead of the usual 1 player per Conference we have 1 player per league example (AP will be available once per league instead of once per Conference.


*We have the regular tags (RFA, Franchise, and Transition), but we also have the Holdout Section.


*Prize money and we use leaguesafe is being used.


*Salary Cap, Contracts, IDP's, TMQB, TMPK, Taxi Squads.


*We use Rotoworld Salaries for FA's or Players that aren't tagged and cause of that we have a in house salary cap that floats based on the salaries.


*This is run by 2 commissioners


We are looking for and experienced owner that like these types of challenges and wants to be around long term. The link to the site is below and also the bylaws. Once this league is filled we will vote on some new rule proposals.


If you have an interest please feel free to contact me at recruitingcoop@comcast.net or the commissioner link at the top of the league with any questions or interest. Thanks for you interest in looking at this and our league.




Tommy Cooper


League Site





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