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Sux needs help- he accidentally locked himself out

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Yea, I know that most of you are thankful for this, but here is what happened..

At the bottom of almost every page there is an icon that says "Change Theme" (lower left)
I changed my theme to "IP Bored pre 3.2" (why? I can't remember)

Not only can I not post anymore, but the link is gone for me to change back with the current format being displayed.

I can sign out, refresh and see the link, but the second I sign in, I'm back to ###### up version.

Any ideas?




This is a cut and paste job from The Closet. His post has generated a lot of insults, youtube links to 80s hair metal bands, and a few unsuccessful suggestions but for whatever unknown reason it's been a week or so and nobody's bothered to actually contact tech support around here until now.

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I changed his theme back so he should be fine to post. Moral of the story is, don't change your theme! ;)

Thanx, Mikey :)

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Hey Mikey...


Sho Nuff's daughter accidentally hit the change theme on his account, as well. He PM'd me at another site and asked if I would get you to fix it.


I will send you a PM as well.




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