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Championship tomorrow w/my RB's a 100% mess, line-up help please!

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Non-ppr, std NFL.com scoring 14 team league. ...I've loaded up as best as could on best RB's avail with contingencies for inactives...

Starting: Flacco, McFadden, Kelley, Evans, Ty Williams, Ware/C. West (flex), Walker, Vinatieri, NE

Roster: Flacco @CIN, Zeke/McFadden @PHI, Ware/C. West @SD, Kelley vs NYG, D-Will vs CLE, Zenner vs GB, Evans vs CAR, Ty Williams vs KC, Kelvin Benjamin @TB, Cobb @DET, D. Walker vs HOU, Vinatieri vs JAX, NE @MIA
--> McFadden (illness), Ware (ribs), and Kelley (knee) all questionable, D-Will (healthy, get the majority of touches, and/or Toussaint the better of the two?)
1) Does the rest of my lineup look as solid as can be or check out waivers? Mostly wondering about Walker & NE (both have done me well up 'til now!) -- not much at TE left on waivers, but HOU @TEN and BUF @NYJ DST's are available...
2) Thinking maybe I should consider D-Will (if he goes) and/or Zenner in my lineup - maybe one instead of Ware/C.West?
3) I can pick up Morris or Toussaint to plug in if McFadden, Kelley or D-Will can't go (or w/D-Will, not the starter)!
Out of all this RB mess, questionables, and no definite starter info, who stands out?? I'll know better right before game time, but would like to get a game plan well ahead of time if possible!!
This is blowing my mind!! So thanks for any input on the above questions!



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Check the statis concerning McFadden.


I read he was sick , and might not be the next man up after they sit Zeke.


If he's not the. I would gladly pick up Morris.


Not to sure how much playing time D will who's what 33 will get a week before the Steelers playoffs start.


Everything else looks solid.


Hey Good luck and Happy New Year.

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Much appreciated but follow-up questions/clarifications for you and/or others! And lol, not much can change lineup with limited good waiver pickups.


I do have Toussaint now too, and word is they may rest D-Will's knee again - Toussaint potentially goes a full game, and good matchup...but it is a 12:00pm game!


1) So your figuring go with Ware, Kelley, and McFadden. If McFadden can't go, swap in Morris (even though unknown how quickly Zeke will get pulled)?


2) And with Ware questionable, replace with C. West if he can't go?


3) Finally, Kelley is questionable. If doesn't get the start, swap in ? He's a 3:25pm game so may only leave Zenner w/a 7:30pm game

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Question on your response on mine... Zenner is a good fill-in if Kelley's inactive rather than guessing with D-Will/Toussaint? Or replace someone else with him? Now hearing McFadden may not get a full load even if he does play!


Much appreciated on any additional input. I too like Zenner but a bit risky...possibly McFadden/Morris (which ever starts), Kelley, Ware and plug in Zenner if either don't go (just not sure about C. West)...


Sheesh - about to just flip a coin and crawl in a hole, lol!!!

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Indeed, I hate week 17 matchups.

I do like the ware/west plun-n-play. If ware out, west has good match.

I'm getting Zenner as he's the late game and the main RB who also get receptions.

Start Kelly if possible but have Zenner as back up.


Good luck & Happy new year

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