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Help with a dynasty trade

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I need some help and advice on a trade with a couple of different options - not sure if any on them are worth doing. Dynasty 12-team PPR league. It is IDP with a 53 man roster.


Starting line-up

1 QB, 1 PK, 1-3 RB, 2-5 WR, 1-4 TE --> 9 Offense

3 LB, 3 CB/S, 3 DE/DT --> 9 Defense


In the 1st trade option

  • I am being offered Cousins, Jamaal Charles, Hightower, Bennett, 2017 2.08 pick
  • My side of the trade is I give up Smallwood, Malcolm Mitchell, Jordan Reed

Giving up Reed for the hot mess I am getting sours me to this trade


the 2nd trade option

  • I am offered Cousins and Bennett
  • I give up Smallwood and Mitchell

As I am writing this it dawns on me that this one stinks too.


My core team

QB: Brady, Kaepernick, Cardale Jones, Connor Cook

RB: McCoy, Miller, Ingram, Chris Thompson, Smallwood

WR: Cooks, Fitzgerald, Lockett, D Jackson, Mitchell, Enunwa, Britt, Carroo, Robert Woods, Green-Beckham

TE: Reed, Stephen Anderson, Kendricks, Sefarian-Jenkins


Defense I am very strong on the line - Khalil Mack, Calais Campbell, Cameron Heyward. Linebackers are very middle of the road.


The primary reason I would consider the trade is to pick up the Cousins to backstop Brady and I have enough WR that I really won't miss Mitchell I don't think and I can't count on market share stability under Bellicheck


My view is I pass on both of these - especially the 1st one where I give up Reed but I'm new to Dynasty and am also worried in the short term if Brady goes down.


Would love to get an opinion or two to sanity check


Only possibility I might throw back as a counter is the other team has Telvin Smith and if I could include him in the trade and add in one of my mid-level LBs like Worrilow or Bruce Irvin that might swing the balance but this is my first year in IDP and I am really out of my depth.



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I am in a two keeper league so mine varies much differently than yours. In a full dynasty do you keep your full team then? If this is the case I balk at both trades. Brady will still get his and I think Mitchell has a promising future. No way you are giving up Jordan Reed. If you really think you need Cousins to back up Brady then just counter with a Cousins for Smallwood trade. McCoy Miller and Ingram should be plenty to start your regular season.

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I don't care for either offer

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