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Trump pardons Oregon ranchers whose arrests led to armed occupation of wildlife refuge

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So he was killed by an Oregon State trooper. That shot was very similar to most of the black lives matter idiots who have been killed by cops. Disobey the cops, make a sketchy move, pay the price.


Also, an FBI agent fired 2 shots into the roof of their truck before he got out. Lied about it, picked up the shells and tried to cover it up, was indicted a year later.


A passenger in the truck was struck by one of those shots, either shrapnel or piece of the truck itself. The metal is still lodged in his body.


I wonder if the people calling these ranchers terrorists would say the same thing about black lives matter. BLM has burned their own fair share of public and private land. BLM has occupied public lands. BLM has created dangerous situations that led to innocent people being harmed or losing their lives.


Nice of Trump to pardon the 2 ranchers who were in prison. Not much different than Obama pardoning drug dealers I suppose. Everyone looks out for their own kind.

And to think your don't even have to pay to ride this roller coaster

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you defended Hillary for willfully enabling an ambassador to get ass raped and ripped to shreds by savage muslim animals.

You're the lowest of the low.

The way you mention that its almost like you werent laughing and clapping about Benghazi. :thumbsup:

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