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Ultimate Survivor - Total Redraft - Needs owners

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Hey Folks,


I run a league called the Ultimate Survivor League on myfantasyleague.com and I need 5 new owners. I've been running FF leagues for 18 years and run a total of 31 leagues. So I know how to run leagues.


This league is a total redraft league with 12 teams, 16 player rosters, with starting lineups of 1 QB, 1-2 RB's, 3-4 WR's, 0-1 TE, 1 K and 1 Def. The league fee is $50 and due asap. This is also a total points league, not H2H. Our 16 round draft is currently scheduled to start on Sunday, August 12th at 12 noon EST. We only allow trading up to the start of the regular season. After that, no trading is allowed. There's a reason for this. lol


This league was built much like the show Survivor where after a period of time, teams start getting booted from the league. I.E. after week 6, the lowest scoring team in the standings gets the boot and all of his/her players are dropped back into the FA pool of players where other teams can pick them up via waivers. Then after week 7, the next lowest scoring team in the standings gets the boot, etc etc etc up until there are only two teams left playing as of week 16. Even during week 16, it's still total points to see who is crowned the league champion. I.E. the team at the top of the standings after week 16, is the league champion and the other team is the runner up.


Anyway I currently have 5 open spots in this league. Now I normally would just shut down a league that has this many openings, but because I really want to fill this league, and the other owners in the league really want me to keep it going, I'm going to offer these 5 teams for only $35. That's a $15 discount. The catch is, if you're one of the top 2 teams left after week 16, and you win the prize money, I am going to deduct that $15 from that prize fund and you'll get the rest. If you don't make it all the way to week 16, then no worries, it's all good.


Here's a link to the league bylaws page. All of the league rules are shown in the Additional Rules section at the bottom: http://www81.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=47065&O=26


BTW We're going to run the league no matter how many teams we end up with, with the prize pool adjusted if we only have 9 teams or 10 teams or whatever.


If you're interested in a spot in this league, send me an email to LoneWolf102364@gmail.com. Make sure you put Ultimate Survivor in the subject line. Once I get the email, I'll get you setup in the league and we'll discuss paying the league fee.


Thanks and I hope at least 5 people email me. lol

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