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Drafted yesterday, should I feel ok about this?

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12 team, keeper, 1/2 PPR league. Start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 3 Flex, DST, K


I had Gurley and Bell last year and from some trades I was down my 2nd round pick. I shopped Bell pre-draft to another team for a 3rd round pick (I thought I should have got a 2nd but nobody was biting) and I kept Gurley.


I should mention by the time my 3rd round pick rolled around, 16 RB were off the board from keepers and picks. :shocking: By the end of R4, 22 RB were off the board. Because I won the league going RB heavy, it seems many adopted my draft strategy...



QB - M. Ryan, Big Ben


RB - Gurley, Mixon, Ajayi, Coleman


WR - G. Tate, A. Robinson, Marquise Lee


TE (can flex as a WR) - T. Kelce, D. Walker


DST - Chargers, Lions


K - Packers, Panthers

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only 3 wrs?..

i like it overall


There was no value left at WR. We are only required to start 1. I can roll 4 RB and 1 WR/TE a week if I want. Or any combination of 5 as long as 1 RB and 1WR/TE starts.

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Your team looks like a contender as long as Mixon does what I think he should do this year. Nice work.


I drafted with the FFT rankings they had him mid-tier. I was ok with him as my RB2 but I am worried Bernard will vulture a lot of those carries, given he is a productive back as well.

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