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Dez signs with Saints

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I dont think the Pats will beat the Chiefs twice this year


Traditionally Belichick teams have had ONE weakness, and that is facing a scrambling QB. The average points allowed by Belichick's Patriots vs scrambling QBs is WAY higher than their overall average. Something is clearly broken when it comes to their defense against that kind of look. The Chiefs with Alex Smith and Andy Reid went 2-1 vs the Patriots and both wins were blowouts as the Patriots just could not stop the Chiefs offense. Not only that but those games were the highest scoring games of the year for the Chiefs in the wins.


Now the Chiefs have more of a pocket passer in Mahomes which Belichick's defense actually does pretty well against. I expect if they meet again, Belichick will shut Mahomes down. Even though the Chiefs scored a lot in the meeting, I think Bill will get it right.

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