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The 'super blood wolf moon eclipse'

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Here's your guide to the 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' that's coming this weekend



Sure, you may know the "super blood wolf moon eclipse" is coming to a sky near you this weekend. But what exactly does it mean?

Unquestionably, the main event is the total lunar eclipse, also known as an eclipse of the moon, which will start late Sunday, Jan. 20, and finish early Monday, Jan. 21 (Eastern time).

This type of eclipse happens when the moon passes fully into the shadow of Earth.

Beyond that, despite all the hullabaloo over the various names, there's still only one moon. There's no separate super, blood, wolf or anything else moon.


Supermoon: A supermoon occurs when the full moon is at the closest point of its orbit to the Earth, which is also called the perigee.

That makes the moon look extra close and extra bright – up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than a full moon at its farthest point from Earth, known as the apogee, NASA said.

This is the first of three supermoons in 2019. The others will be on Feb. 19 and March 21. Of these, the Feb. 19 full moon will be the closest and largest full supermoon of 2019.


"Blood" moon: That is just the reddish color the moon will appear during the total lunar eclipse. The moon won't turn black or vanish from the sky; instead it will appear to be a "reddish copper color," Murphy said, hence the name blood moon.

Although the moon is in Earth's shadow, some sunlight still reaches the moon. The sunlight passes through Earth's atmosphere, which causes our atmosphere to filter out most of the blue light.

This makes the moon appear red to people on Earth.


"Wolf" moon: According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans called the January full moon the "wolf" moon because it appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages.

The almanac said ancient peoples commonly tracked the seasons by following the lunar calendar (vs. today’s solar calendar).

For millennia, people across the world named the months after nature’s cues.





This shiot is getting out of hand. :wall:

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You know, I don't know when the moon hired an agent and a publicist, but about every six weeks now there's some iteration of some super amazing celestial event that we'll never see in our lifetimes and have never seen before.


... And it's always the same Moon that I've been seeing for the past 50 plus years.

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The 28th day
She'll be bleeding again
And in lupine ways
We'll alleviate the pain
Unholy water
Sanguine addiction
Those silver bullets
A last blood benediction
It is her moon time
When there's iron in the air
A rusted essence
Woman may I know you're there
Hey wolf moon
Come cast your spell on me
Hey wolf moon
Come cast your spell on me
Don't spill a drop dear
Let me kiss the curse away
Yourself in my mouth
Will you leave me with your taste?
The woods at night
The lunar light
So in this gray haze
We'll be meating again
And on that great day
I will tease you all the same

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Right after chiefs put it to the fockin Patriots :headbanger:

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Warren moon

all you'll be seeing is red after Sunday night :ninja:

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