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Now that the Super Bowl is over... 2019 Roll Call

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... it's time to start looking towards the next Fantasy Baseball season!

I have received some sad news that JMU88 and Tucker will not be rejoining this season, so we are down two managers.

So, I'd like to see how deep of a hole we are in and take a roll call for the remaining managers.

If you happen to know a possible replacement or two, please let me/us know! Referrals are always the preferred way to bring someone new into the mix.


Torn, Ghost, Happyharry, Strombn, Kysar, WhiteWonder, Godfather, Gratefulted (via text), Vargavpugh (via text), Talent Scout


JMU88, Tucker


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Thanks to everyone for getting back to me. 

At this point, we have a bottom line and we’re going to need to find replacements for the JMU88 and Tucker father son combo. 

I’ve reached out to Posty to see if he’d like to come out of retirement. I’m hopeful he’ll be interested. 

If anyone has other ideas for a replacement, please let us know. As noted,  referrals are always the preferred way to find replacements. If we need to, we can post to a board to find someone.

Looking forward to the season (and the end of winter)!

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