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    I am not a hunter but live in an area where elk, sheep, and antelope hunting are big. Most hunters I know fill their freezers and have meat for the year for their family. Many of them keep the head/racks as trophies and some of them like to share on social media. It isn't so much a "sport" as it is a way of life. People have been hunting for thousands of years to provide meat for their family/tribe. As mentioned above it is also a bonding experience for families and friends to pass down the generations. Hunting is highly regulated, they have to apply to a lottery for a tag and are only allowed to kill one animal, in a specific location, during a specific time. Some hunts are lifetime tags, meaning you get to shoot a bear, or moose, or oryx once in your life. (there are some exceptions if the animal is over populating or a threat to other species) Because of the strict limits hunters are very picky about what they shoot. If it is on private land they tend to target older males that tend to be larger (more meat, bigger racks) and past their reproductive prime. They don't just go out every Saturday shooting at any and all species that cross their path. If they have a bull elk tag they may see 100 deer but can't take a shot. Same if a cow elk crosses their path, can't shoot it. The wildlife management department for each section/territory has biologists that track the species throughout the year to determine population size and health. The number of tags for that section is based on the changing demographics of the specific animal. https://county10.com/wyoming-game-and-fish-completes-big-game-counts-near-pinedale/ Most hunters also spend time prior to the hunt perfecting their marksmanship. A skilled hunter wants to hit the animal in a specific spot to ensure a quick and painless (as possible) kill. When done properly, it is the most humane way that animal can die. The other options are to get hit by a vehicle and have a slow death on the side of a road. Or have a bear or mountain lion rip them apart limb by limb. Are their shithead hunters out there who don't respect the animal or the laws. Unfortunately yes. Most hunters though treat it as a privilege to be able to go into the wild and be a part of nature. As someone else mentioned, the fees from hunting licenses and specific tags bring in millions of dollars that go directly towards fish and wildlife management. In places where hunting is illegal, the animals are still killed, either by poachers or government employees. ETA: some places allow you to shoot certain species, like wild boars and coyotes, without any restrictions
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    It is the money collected from hunting and fishing licenses, as well as the numerous conservation groups sponsored by outdoor types, such as Ducks Unlimited, and United Anglers of California, that protect the health and numbers of the wild species. Alias Detective is correct. Thousands of people are fed by hunters who join State sponsored hunts that provide meat to poor individuals. If you want to pity an animal, may I suggest a dairy cow. They are kept pregnant for their productive lives, so they will secrete milk.Their calves don't get to drink the milk intended for them...no: You drink it. After the cow can no longer produce milk, it is led off to a slaughter house. 25% of the beef we eat is dairy cows.
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    After the kill, the remorse lessens quickly as you realize the work has just begun. Time to gut the animal, drag it to your vehicle, skin it, and then cut it up and package it. Then and only then do you finally get the chance to enjoy your hard work with a meal of fresh meat.
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    Would you feel better if they ripped them in pieces from their mothers twats just before they are to be born ?
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    They should make movie of the hammer of the gods book. That I'd watch.
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    It would stand to reason that 2A sanctuaries would be in areas where constitutionally questionable gun laws are being passed. The Pac NW would fit that to a T. Interestingly, a federal judge in San Diego just ruled that Cali's ban on hi-cap mags is an unconstitutional infringement on the RKBA. I fully expect the 9th circus to overrule his decision but it's heartening to know that some judges in this state still uphold the constitution.
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    Plenty of sheriffs throughout WA state have stated they won't enforce the latest WA laws on gun control, as AR-15 style rifles have been banned and min age raised to 21. Seattle liberals have their panties in a bunch and scream at the sky "but it's the laaaaaawwwww". Turnabout is fair play stupid kvnts.
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    The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution.. The right to illegally enter and stay in this country, or commit crimes and then hide in a sanctuary city, is not guaranteed by the Constitution.
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    Turnabout is fair play. 2A rights are constitutionally protected, illegal immigration is not.
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    Well, to be fair, she is a member of the House of Representatives and she's a blithering idiot. That said, I'd say she's a topic of discussion and ridicule moreso than a serious concern for most people. I would be surprised if she gets reelected.
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    BTW that feeling you have is perfectly natural. That is why men hunted and the women took care of the home.
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    Seriously... You go to like yahoo.com and there is at least five different articles about her at a minimum...
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    I’m pulling for Kuchar to give me money, yeesh.
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    Wiff wouldn't last 30 minutes there. He'd throw out some darkie or tranny comment and get permabanned. Let's face it, he belongs here on the Island of Misfit Toys. Also put me on the list of missing Sho. This place is becoming a bit of a conservative echo chamber; he may not have been the sharpest knife in the shed but he meant well. TBBOM becomes more conservative every day. MDC pretty much trolls these days and laughs at the predictable reactions he gets from hard-core cons.
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    Ingredients: 1 can Kodiak
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    Yes it was and then they released the video of the brothers buying the workout supplies and supliments
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    I bought a few of these to give to my buddies. https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/332484167381_/Donald-Trump-Lives-Here-Original-Patriotic-Self-Inking.jpg
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    It's a lifestyle and not at all evil. I wasn't raised around hunting but where I live the opening day of deer hunting season is like a holiday. Young and old men reminiscing with each other and telling their stories. It's a big bonding time. I went hunting once when I was a kid. I hated it but to each their own. I think if you honestly wanted to see something that seemed evil go tour a factory farm. You might become a vegan.
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    I agree 100%. The rule change should allow home office to call in missed penalties instead of putting it in a coach's hands for a challenge.
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    I bought some drug dealers shoes. I dunno what he laced em with but I was trippin all day.
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    You always say this like its a jab at the board conservatives. Its not. Its dumb and doesnt make sense. People making fun of her because shes an idiot and in over her head in no way equates to living rent free in someones head. Now Trump on the other hand, lives rent free in the heads of snowflakes around here. They want to despise him so much but he just keeps winning.