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    Agreed. You're a boorish troll.
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    I'm sure Hillary is working on having him eliminated before he can get back into the States.
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    Oh God. Here's a guy who literally gets all his news from the board. guaranteed you didn't watch her confirmation hearings or her disastrous 60 Minutes interview. She's even the least respected member of Trump's cabinet by Trump's own cabinet members! She makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes scholar. If you would watch her hearing, you would know what a moron she is. She couldn't handle three minutes of questioning. She wants to randomly issue billions of dollars of checks to so-called private charter schools. With absolutely no accountability for those charter schools. No way of measuring what they're doing with the money. she's also the same idiot who tried to justify arming teachers because of and I am not making this up, grizzly bears. she literally has no idea of the most basic concepts or terminology related to her own job. Seriously man, think of the internet as a TV with a really enlarged channel dial. Turn the channel occasionally and look up a YouTube video on her. Or Read a freaking article about her. In a rogue's gallery of horribly unqualified appointees, even there she stands out as the worst. Im not eveng going to have a conversation with a guy who doesn't know the most basic arguments against this broad. Jesus, that's the problem with morons like you. And the reason we think Trump supporters are such freaking morons. Even his own supporters think she's an idiot. You have such a rampant case of "Orange Man Jesus" that anything remotely related to Trump must be the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world and anybody who thinks otherwise is evil mean bad! Grizzly Bears..
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    Sure. I agree completely on both points. I was talking about the usual MDC HT Tom and Jerry routine. That's annoying even in a political thread.
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    The point is they ban you for a different viewpoint at FBG, nothing more. Not vulgarity, threats, or innapropriate content. Just disagreeing gets you the boot there. They don't here, and it's indicative of how the two sides operate in today's political climate.
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    See, I don't give a fock about people's politics here. That's just noise. BLS was one of my favorite posters here. He and I do not agree on a single damn thing politically. MDC likes to play p!ssant a lot. But he is often funny and can play in the non political threads, which pretty much don't exist anymore. Now you, sderk, for example. I don't really know you. Don't have anything particular against you. You are just one of the many guys who does little but throw out one liners in political slap fights. They tend to all run together.
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    Meh...There's more to this bored here than political slapfights. At least there used to be.
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    Let it burn until you retire if you can.
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    seriously, does every thread have to become a pissing match with MDC and HT, one of you step up and actually be a focking man and quit following each other around like little biatches
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    I usually get along with you Herb, how dare you go after my woman
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    His complaint is Orange Man Bad and a 1,000 word rant about Erik Prince, George Bush, and WMDs.
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    Democrats need to figure this out for themselves. I'm out. I've voted for them in the past, they can call me if/when they become sane and condemn this sh*t.
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    Haven’t caught it yet but everyone who has seen it said it was great and it got Stella reviews critically. Will be catching it soon.
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    So some perspective; 2+ years with pretty much the world's premier intelligence agencies from multiple countries, the MSM en masse, 50 million dollars worth of private investigators and they still couldn't find anything to charge Trump with. Congrats America.....you elected the most squeaky clean person to ever run for office.
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    Well, I’m responding to one of your posts, so...
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    The unintended results of Social Engineering are far reaching, this is just the beginning. To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.
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    While watching that video all I could think about was how bad I want to bang that chick.
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    I am. If the distraction of video games, for all of its obvious negatives, prevents them from falling victim to a society that is built to harm them, then yes. While a poor substitution for actual in-person and human interactions, it does insulate them from the parasitic nature of women to exploit them.
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    I'm frankly shocked that the lead character isn't some non-binary polyamorous multicultural whoozit.