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    Extremely disappointing thread based on the title.
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    I would love it if trump came out in a dress and a wig, and announced that Donna Trump will be the countries first transgender lesbian president. Oh God that would be hilarious.
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    Sounds like he's trying to make a sweet semen drink to me.
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    This isn’t really about Republicans and Democrats at this point. It’s about one man......and when one entity says one thing, and all other entities say the opposite......well, I suppose believing it’s everyone else in the world that is the problem is one way to go.
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    I actually disappointed myself that I wasted a title Holy tlts on this...
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    Yesterday I tried egg cream coffee here in Vietnam. It's quite thick and creamy. Quite good.
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    Ok I'll be a good dude and throw you some info you probably didnt know. That Russian lady who met in trump tower to dish dirt on Hillary....that one. ..well she met with Clinton operatives before and after the meeting. So see ...meeting her cant be bad..because well then ..we need an investigation into her meetings with the Clinton camp...we need details ...phone taps FISA..all of it. Because meeting her is obviously very very bad. Amiright ?
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    First off: yes I am ghey and use FB to keep in touch with all my other ghey friends... Anyways, yesterday a couple of political ads popped up. One was Jay Inslee begging for money. The other was a similar ad from Kamala Harris. No biggie. I just laughed and went to hide the ads so I don't have to see it. Had no problem hiding Inslee's, but no matter what I do I always get an "Error: could not hide post" message when trying to hide the begging ad from Harris. I then was able to successfully hide some other random ads so it isn't a general error with the app. Hmmmm... Must be those pesky Russians at work again!!!!
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    George will never kill them, because his fat lazy ass will die of diabetes long before he finishes the damn books. Sugar is his white walker, and it's coming for him.
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    You are aware that the Clinton camp actually paid for Russian intel (fake) on Trump? And then weaponized it to spy on him?
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    They look really stupid with their posts.
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    Or you can stop allowing the .000001% to change the way things have been done for infinity.
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    Hopefully, somebody tells Trump the Monroe Doctrine has nothing to do with JFK and Marilyn.
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    Banned. No cell phone use in running cars unless it's 911. Even then, I would suggest pulling over.
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    Ban all writing instruments!
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    Full automation in our lifetimes would be a disaster on biblical proportions just waiting to happen. The tech isn't even close to being there. I'm sure you know this already (didn't mean this drunken rant as an opposition to your post) The only thing newer vehicles with most of the "driver assist" features are doing right now is making the roadways a scarier place to visit. The smarter you make the car right now, the dumber you make the driver. FACT
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    This is Wiff speak for "I don't know how to do links..."
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    Get on the grey phone and tell them that you need all of the fudge packers in the break room asap.
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    I can't believe how focking shallow you are!!!! Please let Wentworth make it back from extinction........
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    This news makes mdc think about my junk
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    Yeah, I am going to click on a joneo link.