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    If the dude had any sort of sense of humor he would have started to eat a banana as she apologized.
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    Here's is why I say that your opinion, and virtually everyone else's opinion's on Winston are character based. Compare Winston's stats to guys like Eli, Rivers, and Ben... guys who all are considered H.O.F.'ers by a lot of people. Winston's progress isn't much different than either of them. Sure, he throws more Int's than Rivers and Ben, but he throws less than Eli. Project Winston's numbers out to 215 games like these guys and tell me what you find. You'll find that Winston's first 4 years is relatively close to each of those 3 (slightly better than Eli and slightly worse than the other two). That's also assuming that Winston, over the next 11 seasons will be exactly what he's been over the last 4, without ever getting better like those 3 did. Yes, Winston throws a lot of Int's, but over the last 2 seasons he's over 64.1% with a 7.9 ypa, a 4.6 TD%, and a plus 91 passer rating. These are facts. You want to sit there and use the excuse that he got benched because his coach was tying to keep his job and play the guy who was playing well, then you're just being lazy. You can say all you want about "mouths to feed", but the fact is, there are LESS mouth's than last year and Godwin is moving up in the pecking order. Last year, he was the 4th/5th option behind Evans, Jackson, and Humphries / Howard... this year, he's number 2 behind Evans. He's going to get a ton of targets. I'll even go as far to say that he might get more than Evans this year because he's actually a bit more talented than Evans. Godwin's target share was pretty even. In games solely started by Fitzpatrick, he had 30 targets in 5 games (6 avg). In the 8 games started solely by Winston, he got 53 targets (6.63 avg), so no real difference. The biggest piece that you're not taking into account is playing time/snap count. Last year, Godwin was the 3rd WR in snap counts at 64% behind Evans and Humphries. Over the last 5 games of the season, with Winston, Godwin got 80, 85.7, 82, 76.3, & 83.6 percent. In the previous 11, he hit 70% only once. In those last 5 games, he averaged 7 targets a game, where as in the previous 11, he averaged 5.5 per game. Note, I didn't say "wrong system", it was Oldtimer... he actually said "wrong offense" which to me is the same thing. If it's not to you or he, then my bad. But my response was to him regarding OJ Howard, not Godwin. That said, it's not really a "new system" (as you put it), either way. Koetter and Arians are relatively similar, it's just that Arians is better at calling the right play at the right time. Now, it will be Leftwich calling the plays, so from that aspect, there could be issues, I won't argue against that. Though, it's still Winston throwing the ball and going through the progressions. This year will play out a lot more like the end of last year where Godwin was on the field 81.3% of the time and not the 57.3% from the first 11. You don't think I can make a linear projection on targets. Fine, you tell me. I'll give you 550 targets to fill, so that it's easier for you to make an argument against Godwin... because I think we all know that the Bucs are going to throw the ball a lot closer to 600 times than they will 550. Go! Who's getting what / how many? With all your "mouths to feed", you shouldn't have a hard time coming up with a reason why Godwin won't increase his target share by at least 20%. If someone else thinks I'm wrong on this, please, let me know. I just think the "too many mouth's to feed" and the bad QB arguments just don't hold any water.
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    My condolences Don. Its always nice to see a family that loved their pet and gave it a nice home.
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    I have imitators? Well, you know what they say about the sincerest form of flattery...
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    I see you figured that out already, which is good, I don't know the answer, I'd have had to monkey around in some likely places to look. Eight (minus one now). Seven more.
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    Smart man. LA, or GB wisconsin? Where would you rather be a young rich guy? Worth the paycut to me.
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    If you miss out on the top D's I love Seattle at home week 1 vs the bungles...
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    We're 9 days, counting today, till the first game. So, my advice is no one. I'm in a similar predicament in another league, and I'm waiting. You'll have a lot more clarity on September 5th than you do today. I do expect Zeke to be signed (and Gordon, too). In that case, I'd drop Pollard or Duke. Duke will not be the every down back in Houston.
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    The trick is not becoming a total drunk or drug addict
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    I think he should be proud, considering it's MSU, it's a step in the right direction that he's raping someone over the age 14. Baby steps.
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    Sorry to hear man,reading this thread I went from to then can't imagine the emotional roller coaster you've been on.Take care.
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    Who would you trust most? A: person that gets into politics to gain money and power. B: person who already has money and power but chooses to get into politics.
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    kennymaine , don't listen to the nay sayers , take Conner and laugh your A$$ off to the playoffs !
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    No way is Conner worth the number five pick.
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    I believe in the first couple rounds you try to eliminate risk and later in the draft you look to maximize it Risk Factors *Offensive regression without Brown * Has yet to hold up be Bell Cow for more than 1 season and showed slowing down factors last year * Increased touches by Samuel * Ben injury, one of the older more beat up QBs, that could derail offense * Significant improvements by the rest of the division. Cleveland and BMore rising and Cinci finally a decent coordinator. Maybe the Steelers offense spends less time with the ball in hand this year
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    After the top 4 RB's, every RB in the next tier (Conner, Bell, Chubb, D.Johnson, Cook, Gurley) has a risk. James Conner is on an offense that can amplify the fantasy value of any RB. The only risk with Jame Conner is that J. Samuels can be just as productive, and the Steelers indicated they intend to share carries more in 2019. It is not unreasonable to take James Conner as the 5th overall pick, but it is hard to make a case that any one of these guys is clearly the top of the tier. As a side note, it is especially comical to read posts saying that David Johnson is clearly the #5 pick...like they're reading a FF magazine from 2016, when he was on a very different Cardinals team.
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    Dont forget to get some non alcoholic beer and some decaf too