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    Kupp and McLaurin. Washingtons QB is getting more in the grove. I had Mclaurin and he did great until they switched QB's I just picked up Parker so I'm playing him instead. Could use some advise
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    Thursday noon onward at a swanky country club. Open bar is a plus and the ge food and venue is great. No spouses and Thursday are the big drawbacks. Meh.
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    I like being a contrarian as well. I was very active in the stock market from 1997 to 2007. I don't know if it still holds true today, but I know sometime during that period, a magazine, (possibly business week), did a study on the big investment house stock analyst's from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, etc. The study showed that if you sold an individual stock when they said buy, & bought when they said sell, you'd crush the returns of the major market indexes!
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    Dinner and open bar for mine. Had plenty to drink. Good times
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    What a great job as both captain and player by tiger. Let's go, do it for the cap! GOAT!
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    Put him on "suicide" watch, cause he is going to need the help.
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    FBG currently saying this means nothing. Nothing to see here.
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    If you watch the video there’s a bunch of runners focking with her, trying to slap her microphone etc. Maybe because she was in the way or maybe just for the hell of it. Then this dude gets caught up and takes it too far. It ain’t right but criminal charges just seems too far.
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    Good talk. Glad we could help.
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    I had a similar thought. Here's my logic: Tepper has been very clear that he wants an analytically minded coach. One of the organizations most committed to analytics, Baltimore, also happens to have one of the hottest coaching candidates in OC Greg Roman. And Roman's calling card throughout his career has been taking mobile QBs to the next level (Kaep, Tyrod and now Jackson). Plus, from a fantasy perspective, the uncertainty around Cam's foot could keep his ADP from rising too high. The obvious parallel would be Luck 2018. Former stud QB coming off a year lost to injury with a newly hired offensive-minded HC. I'm always wary of getting sucked into pat narratives, but this is definitely one I"ll keep an eye on, depending on who the Panthers hire and (obviously) Cam's recovery. A healthy Cam has almost always been a locked-and-loaded Top 5 QB.
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    I think you go Goedert. No one else to throw too really. OJ could get benched again if he has a fumble or Arians doesn't like his effort. I sense Goedert is the better play. I also don't know if Njoku sees a full complement of snaps. I live in Cleveland and they are talking about not a full workload. Go Goedert. Please see mine. Thanks!
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    Plot should be good.... Greta: "Can't believe how hot it is in February with this global warming...I need to cool down and get out of these clothes " (Actor with green eco friendly decomposible condom putting it in her arse) "How dare you!!"
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    It has been all over the news here in Savannah. She has been making the national media circuit. This slap is the best thing that ever happened to her career. She was even on the Today show, and the network of Matt Lauer is outraged.
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    I might be tempted to go sanders and mclaurin tbh. I think kupps looks are affected quite a bit by higbees emergence. Thanks for getting mine.
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    You needing a higher floor or ceiling?
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    I like Kupp and McLaurin who should get a td and about 80 yards. Phillys Secondary has been torched the last two games with Parker and Slayton. I think McLaurin can get in the endzone with a td. Fuller and Sanders could blow but they also have a lower ceiling also. I like these two and no fliers. They arent worth taking over these two.
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