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    I just don't care about what he tweets, I care about results. You do care about tweets, that's emotion. Not sure what else you want me to say bub? It would take a very strong individual to ignore the straight up bullsh!t the left has put the dude through. He can't, he's immature that way, I simply don't care.
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    His new nickname is "Departacus"
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    Rink Here is my problem, this came from CNN, so if CNN were to announce the sky was blue....I would need to still go ask two more people.....which scientists said this exactly? What is the peer review status of this assertion? CNN is such excrement nowadays that they have become a walking clown show
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    You gotta be kidding. There is no way of dealing with liberals in this country using logic. All that is left is to call them what they are and dismiss. I heard a guy call into "Progress Politics" liberal talk radio yesterday. He said he is a Canadian resident and is neutral on his thoughts about Trump and tries to make a comment. He was lambasted by the host of the show saying that there is no neutral when it come to how a person feels about Trump. If you are neutral, then you are lying to yourself and you are a racist misogynist and you have no right to be on this show. And he hung up on him without letting him say another word. That is what trying to deal with liberal America is like.
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    7 less than the average single black mother.
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    god bless being in stable normal marriage. man im sorry..but how do you people deal with sh;t like this???
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    Fine video...well done and all...But my god..not to beat a dead horse but Greta is now the leading climate change spokesperson? A teenaged girl? George must be saying my goodness, I've spent decades fighting this and some snot nosed teen aged girl usurps me in a matter of months. That has to feel pretty crappy.
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    Treadstone is USA. Power is Starz. Succession is HBO.
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    Ya, yellow line had me too. First down
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    BS they let LSU player get away with putting his hand out of bounds
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    I didn't even know the game was on until I just clicked on Breitbart.
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    Posted this is the wrong thread earlier. Just wanted to remind a select few that the yellow line they see on their TV is NOT, y'know, an actual line on the field. It's put there by the TV stations as an estimated 1st down marker and superimposed on the TV screen. It's not necessarily the actual 1st down position. Field maintenance workers don't actually go out on the field after every play and paint a new yellow line for the first down marker.
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    Packers will have Bulaga back for this one which will help
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    I’m rooting against Clemson based solely on their QB’s haircut.
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    I don’t like Pelosi, but Trump is an ass. The Great Divider.
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    Booker. What a dumb-ass piece of shlt.
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    When Dems run for president, they aren't sending their best people. They're sending people that have a lot of problems. They'e geriatrics, they're socialists, they're intersectional race baiters, and some, I presume, are good people.
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    The kid is 13. He doesn’t wanna be around any of them.
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    Have about 5 leftover cans of Miller Lite from the end of summer. Got a bag of combos snacks. Gonna head downstairs and watch it by myself.
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    Get your son a Chiefs jersey that says "I'd rather be with Dad" on the back.