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    this definitely makes them the favorite to finish 3rd in the NFC Least
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    The Clapper has landed! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28504338/source-jason-garrett-agrees-become-new-giants-oc
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    You know the NFL wants Chiefs- Packers. Beware.
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    I’ll probably watch it since I currently don’t have anything else to watch. :Gomer:
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    Should have known this would be next. https://imgur.com/a/D6PMjhj
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    B!tch just grabbed a 20 out of my wallet and left.
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    no but I would be ok if it was a girl fingering her
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    Is he still being paid by Jerry under the table to keep NYG down?
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    He's just upset that the word portrays him so well. He waits on the couch while his wife bangs her boyfriend, and it secretly hurts him inside. He doesn't tell her though.
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    A twinkie. Yeller on the outside, white on the inside.
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    Unless she's talking about making me a sammich after the video I'm not really interested in the sound anyways.
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    I know right? Later that day TBBOM asked his wife for a quicky; she said "the massage parlor was supposed to take care of that for you."
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    Maybe I rub balls it come out like turtle.
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    I think you misconstrued her questioning eyebrow look. She was probably asking "you call this tiny thing a c0ck?"
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    Would have been a better story if she was the hot one and your wife was watching.
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    Even if what you say is true, Neil was also the lyricist for the band. RUSH could have found another drummer and maybe he'd be as good as Neil was on drums. I find that highly unlikely considering how other drummers talk about Neil but whatever. Their songs would never have been the same without Neil.
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    Honcho will be in to make sure he let's us know he's morally and intellectually superior to all of us mouth breathing, immoral, intellectually challenged Trump supporters
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    I see your phone autocorrected "mostly" to "Miss boy". Is that your porn name?
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