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    The best thing about the chinese flu is the NBA has been shut down. I fvcking hope it never comes back.
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    I respect this from him and agree, I just wish he would have put this out there instead of going on The View and Don Lemon spouting off. That was the real mistake.
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    I actually have a boner just thinking about the bolded. I put on camo and climb up in trees to shoot things for fun. If you're not telling me rather than deer and turkey I am going to be able to shoot BLM/Antifa people - SIGN ME UP.
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    Turn them into viewable prisons you can see through the electric fence. They can become a tourist attraction. Every couple days drop in some bags of kimchi and let them decide who gets to eat that shlt and put a hose through one of the links for them to share water from. Nothing else. Human zoo without the medical care.
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    I'm glad she won. She makes the entire party look bad. Her and talib. For every ultra lib that likes her (who was going to vote Dem for president no matter what) her idiocy turns two moderates away. Shes a net asset for the good guys.
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    Come on. China wouldn’t even make it out of the Asia bracket in a tournament.
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    There are mistakes and then there are world tours pushing an agenda. He has an agenda and I don't like. He got caught being the Jessie smollet liar that he is and I hope he gets fired. Sponsors SHOULD be leaving in droves, but they won't because they aren't allowed to. So no, he doesn't get any respect from me. I hate people like him and I hope his life is ruined like so many others who actually didn't do anything.
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    Why give him any respect? He is part of the problem in this country. He looks for racism in everything he does. Fock him. He should be fired.
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    That spectrum riding clown couldn't be a member of a comic book club, never mind the fockind deep state.
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    Every hangman game I saw we drew a stick figure Cowboy. You know, hanging Billy the Kid in the town square type of thing.
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    so what I am seeing is that there is no minor leagues, so teams like the Padres will possibly carry guys like Mackenzie Gore and Luis Patino on the ML roster
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    I feel bad for the announcer that slips up and says "He got hung out to dry" in the next broadcast.
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    Doubtful. If MCC couldn't even make this close, it's highly apparent she in in a district where retards are the overwhelming population.
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    I got chili at Wendy's and the racist black girl behind the counter put a package of two white crackers in the bag. I contacted the FBI. I'm still waiting for the investigation to be completed.
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    So tell me again. How did hanging become associated with black people only? The history I'm fully aware of includes quite a lot of white people being hung by a rope. How is it that the black community can appropriate a single form of death and make it their own without anyone calling them on it? If black people want to to be the face of being targeted, they should take a picture of a black person with a gun and say that is the problem.
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    He's definitely in my Top 10 most punchable faces in America!
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    Sucks that the DH would be in the NL this year... I guess I can live with it if the NL removes it next year doing a new season... Be even better if the AL got rid of it, but we know that will never happen... As for the man starting on second base in extras, still one of the stupidest ideas there is... Nothing wrong if the game is still tied after 12 innings to end it in a tie... But just for this year...
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    Notice they don't talk about the continuing decrease in deaths despite more cases? And in CO our 3 day moving average is marginally higher than it's lowest point but still way below the peak, and the peak occurred while we were under lockdown. IOW the MSM is, as usual, using data out of context to push a narrative.
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    Someone should tell them their organization is built on a lie then. George Zimmerman wasn't a cop.
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    If you're going to use it on the treadmill there is no reason to spend $500 on it.