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    BLM mural in California was “vandalized” during the 4th of July. Two white people painted over it with black paint. Now the BLM supporters want them arrested. Which is ironic since they: 1: vandalize every statue of a white person it seems and 2: they want the police defunded https://www.bet.com/news/national/2020/07/05/arrest-warrant-trump-supporters-vandalized-blm-mural.html?cid=BET__FBPAGE___3470323961&linkId=92942422
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8489671/Protesters-alter-Defund-Police-mural-outside-Milwaukee-City-Hall-read-Defend-Police.html Anonymous protesters change "defund the police" mural outside Milwaukee city hall to "defend the police".
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    They can go fock themselves.
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    I have hired a lot more people, and been on more hiring committees than you and I respectfully disagree.
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    I've associated the "Far Left" with "Socialism". Sho seems to be socialist. That, in my book, makes him far left.
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    If they get arrested, someone post the link to the gofundme page so I can contribute to their bail. Fock you, Justin Timberlake
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    Holy fock that thread exhausted me just reading it. Board cop Sho. He's earned that name
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    Oh man I would kill myself if I'd farded and shidded on my brand new adjustable bad. Check this beauty https://royaltherapysleep.com/. This one gives me more moments to live for than my wife. Hope it won't happen to me never ever.
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    This is why Trump is simply offering federal help to states and when they say "No thanks", he just sits back and is logging all the details until he is ready for full on attack mode in the final month and a half of pushing for reelection. All the while, Biden is sitting in his basement with his mask on and having a team of people edit his video "messages" to the public. Go ahead people, keep voting in your mayors, governors, etc....
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    To be fair, he didn't say he was changing his political beliefs. He said he was removing a tattoo and "would learn from this". That could mean his political beliefs may be moving further to the right.
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    Good, deface them all. That racist garbage shouldn't be littering our streets.
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    It's a complete cesspool of retarded thinking & actions that if they tried that sh1t when this country was founded, they would have been publicly hung.
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    Probably. But if you've got a teenage boy defying you and telling you to fock yourself, sometimes putting him on his ass and showing him that daddy still calls the shots is necessary.
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    Lol .03% huh? Many estimates say 4-5%, some higher. Some are lower but I ain’t seen anywhere near that low! You do know there are 132,000 dead in less than six months in this country alone, right? WITH a shutdown, social distancing, masks, schools closed etc. And it ain’t even close to fall yet.
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    A swat on the backside when they are young will save you a lot of anguish when they are older. Never take advice from people who only have experience with younger children, if you haven't a had a teenager yet, you have no idea what you are talking about.
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    classic case of roid rage
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    Best EVAH!! We surpassed our biggest season ever on the 3rd and still had the 4th(our busiest day) ahead of us.I had to reorder not once but twice this season and today my warehouse is almost empty.
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    Utilit99 deserves a vote. While we were all at barbecues with family and friends he spent the entire 4th owning the libtards at the GC. True Patriot.
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    Government officials demanding the American flag to be removed, on the 4th of July, because it’s too controversial ? I weep for this country.
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    How many f-bombs and n-words will need to bleeped for broadcast? Does the anthem glorify drugs/guns/wh0res?
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    how about if you like basketball, watch basketball, and not personally get caught up in politics.