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    Yup, get this done immediately. The left has acted like lunatics since day 1 of the Trump administration. Pay back is a bltch. Fock every one of those pieces of shlt.
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    beauty of having the presidency and senate for scotus appointments. go fock yourself dems!!!!!!!!!! best would be a black or women. so then the dems look even more like the scumbags they are if they try to berate like cavanaugh. this is so awesome.
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    ?? I had it...wasnt bad..knock on wood. I dont recall being overly dramatic. You have an issue with something I said?
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    It's not even payback. He can do it if he wants. Like there is some unwritten honor code in politics...meh. Yeah GTFOH. Accusing the last justice of gang rape with no evidence. Sure. Nominate NLT WED and let's go get this judge.
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    Boom, how does it feel when its turned back on you Barry?
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    Yes...this...cheap enough to experiment with...can add more if needed. Trial and error stage now
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    Eagles Dynasty: 2017-2017.
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    She doesn't have the power to do that. So one has to assume she is going to do something beyond her powers to stop Trump from replacing RBG. Maybe start a riot? Encourage violence? It would have to be some abuse of power or criminal activity.
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    The Cowboys played terrible. In no way, shape, or form did they deserve to win this game. It was like the Falcons just wanted the loss a little bit more
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    I think I would start any QB that's playing the Cowboys this season
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    Other faves mentioned already. Ill say what about Bob. Great murray in that. Or the one where they are bank robbers lol
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    Trump won't be debating Biden, he will be debating the crooked moderator.
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    2 months thru November 17th: Reason: Warning Content: Ruth Bader Ginsburg RIP Penalty: Given 1 points which will never expire. Restricted from posting - 1 month and 30 days Banned - 1 month and 30 days Note: Quote this had Weekend at Ginsburg's written all over it for a while.
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    Look it's a completely new sandwich. We put lettuce on it!
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    Who the fock is Travis Scott, and why would I give a sh1t what he gets at McDonald's???
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    There were over a million new vehicles sold last year in the United States. Every one of them lost value. Trucks tend to hold their value better than most vehicles, but they still depreciate every single year. Buying the latest and greatest hot one at full MSRP is not the ticket to making money. If the vehicle is your passion, by all means buy it and enjoy the piss out of it. But don't try to rationalize it as an investment. And don't start a thread on negotiating, since the price on this vehicle does not seem negotiable. The only thing negotiable is the trade-in value, but they know they have you by the balls so perhaps you should sell on your own.