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    I am sick of this Ivermectin argument. I watched the video in this tweet. Start at the 2:55 mark and he discusses the difference in mortality rate: 2% with Ivermectin, 10% without. 10%? Where the hell are people dying at a 10% clip, unless the studies all had 80+ year old participants? Oh yeah, 3rd world sh1tholes like Egypt, Iran etc. If people were dying at a 10% clip, they were pretty far down the grim reaper trail, either from Covid or not. Let's presume Covid is the primary factor. Were all of the people in these studies in ICU? Ventilators? My understanding, and admittedly this is from Bret Weinstein who is an evolutionary biologist but I respect his opinion a lot, is that Ivermectin is primarily beneficial as either a prophylaxis (preventive) or very early in the progression of the disease. By the time people are in the ICU, it is pretty much too late. I would feel fairly confident that none of the studies looked into prophylaxis. Enough of this quibbling over high vs low risk of bias crap. You keep asking for "a study we like." Well, I like the Hausenpfeffer study because it used color coded titration pipettes. Da fock, we can't judge the efficacy of these studies. Do you want to know how I know Ivermectin helps? Because it helps. I know what you are thinking, this is brilliant in its simplicity (or maybe you aren't), but I firmly believe that things that help tend to stick around, even if we don't know the underlying reasons. Yoga and acupuncture are two good examples. Leeching as well. Granted Ivermectin doesn't have that long of a history, but there is a reason people started to try it -- it has helped in other viral situations, so they tried it, and results seemed good, and more people tried it, and here we are with a bunch of positive allegorical results. Do we have the opposite, people who say they took Ivermectin but got Covid anyway? Or got Covid and ended up in ICU or with serious problems? But instead we have this left wing/media push to label it as a "horse dewormer" and belittle the hillbilly Trumptard rubes who take it. Perhaps they don't know that this "horse dewormer" won a Nobel Prize in (human) medicine in 2015? https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/2015/press-release/ Why are such people, including it seems yourself, so emotionally connected with discrediting the efficacy of Ivermectin? The answer unfortunately is similar to our discussion about the lack of emphasis on things like Vitamin D and reduced obesity -- the goal is not to minimize the impact of Covid, the goal is to get people to take the vaccine. We can and do speculate on the reasons for this, but it is hard to dispute the goal.
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    Clear eyes, full hearts, don't lose.
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    First of all, this is for new drug approval, not vaccines. Second, if we wanna use these time lines, the 1-4 years is for Phase 3 only. Thats AFTER phase 1 and 2 that can last years. There's nothing in that data which would lead one to believe that 17 mo would be "pretty standard". Also, still looking for a any info at all on a generic corona vaccine.
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    What doosh is this sanctimonious doosh a doosh alias of? My money is on worms. Weird how this guy shows up when worms is supposed to be voluntarily suspended.
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    So please tell me how successful ANY country has been with previous Corona vaccines. "They just need to work on the19 part"you mean the year it was named after??? "12-18 months is pretty standard" You just solidified you spot as GC punching bag. Congrats.
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    They are a scrappy bunch, them Jayhawks.
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    I thought the same thing. Can't afford to fix his car according to legal standards and whines about being pulled over, but has plenty for skiing. Must be a black thing. I can't afford a driver's license, but I can afford some beer, cheap liquor, an abortion for my girlfriend, an illegal firearm, and I demand to be able to vote.
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    How do people not see this? Basically put by the reporter: So US citizens are required to get the chiner shots but not illegal immigrants coming in through the southern border? Why!? jen psucky: That's correct. Next.
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    Wait, maybe it was VPLs. One of them @OldMaidhates.
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    I found your problem. People who don't have money should be taking care of business before pleasure.
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    Yeah but he raped a woman.
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    Dune looked very good, will definitely check that out. I don't know any of the backstories of the Marvel flicks but Morbius looked interesting as well.
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    Update: I took the job. The PTO is still disappointing, but I’ll be seeing improvements in so many other aspects of employment.
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    Aj Green will have monster stats and people will be running to the waiver to grab lazard
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    She'll soon be contradicted by another member of the admin saying people get trapped in Wegmans "all the time" .
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    Well, I was with you on the first part, but you kind of lost me on the 2nd. A bit extreme. . .
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    I hadn't realized that both of them did that. As Neo would say: "Whoah" Agree that 1st one was the only good one. The freeway scene in #2 was at least memorable. I've completely blocked all memories of #3 from my mind, aside from the residual memory of it being complete sh1t.
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    I’m allergic. After surgery they gave me morphine drip and I kept hitting the button because it felt so good yet I was itchy like crazy - took a day before I realized the itch was from the drip.
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    Zach Wilson wins rookie of the year and a Top 5 fantasy finish.
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    True. I love all animals the same, though. Animals >>> humans
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    Nice. I have often thought of something similar. Maybe heaven is a place where you can go back and relive moments in your life. Of course, we know that is not true because historically some people's lives A to Z are utter sh1t. I don't know what mine would be. My daughter would be there and she is young, maybe two or three. I'm still married. My sister is still alive. Maybe just a day and night we all hung out and had a fire out back behind the house and we were young and naive enough to think it's always going to be like this.