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    This administration straight to your focking face told you they were going to do this. You chose to ignore it
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    Hey, this mandate is likely his only hope of getting promoted.
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    Team Fit: Moore is one of those "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" kind of players, and that's how the evaluation with him must begin. His work ethic was revered at Purdue. He will immediately upgrade Arizona's return units. Moore is more of a thickly-built scatback with some ability to play through contact and receiver wheels than a traditional slot with gadget capabilities. To that end, 71.2% of his 1,915 receiving yards in college came after the catch. Moore is the type of player worth betting on - if only for his maturity and work ethic - and someone who can this offense to the next level if he gets coached up right and, more importantly, stays healthy. (His last healthy season was his freshman season in 2018.) When healthy, the Cardinals now have their future in the slot regardless of whether Larry Fitzgerald retires this offseason or not. What does it mean in redraft? WR5. There is a chance Moore could enjoy some rookie-year relevancy, but his snaps could be limited if Fitz decides to return. If Fitz retires, he could push for 2-3 carries and five targets per week and be worth a stash at the end of fantasy benches. Where should I expect him to go in my rookie drafts? Check back next week.
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    This article is pretty recent, and the facts are counter to what most people believe. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2021/03/10/illegal-immigration-in-america-has-continued-to-decline/?sh=1c7666a14e14 In a report that could provide context to most immigration news stories, new research reveals that the number of unauthorized immigrants has continued to decline in the United States. The unauthorized immigrant population fell to 10,350,000 in 2019, a decline of 12% since 2010. Table 1: Undocumented Immigrant Population in the United States Year Undocumented Population 2010 11,725,000 2011 11,315,000 2012 11,110,000 2013 11,010,000 2014 11,045,000 2015 11,045,000 2016 10,790,000 2017 10,640,000 2018 10,565,000 2019 10,350,000
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    He could be a nice depth piece with bye weeks coming up. Especially if he has dual eligibility and continues to average 10 touches a game.
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    Did the data scientists tell you that? Again, all of those illegal immigrants camped under the bridge should be camped in your backyard.
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    He's listed at #2 for a reason He's gonna produce bank on it
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    LMAO...you just described Crooked Joe! Everything that you say Trump was, your Dufus in Chief actually is. And there's no debating it.
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    Yeah. Athiests feel the need to be heard. Weekly.
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    Well if Jesus isnt real, somebody else is holding my leaf blower.
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    I lost my vaccination card. I lose lots of things, but this was surprising even to me. Another problem is i was vaccinated in some podunk Texas town over a hundred miles away from Houston. I am debating about just getting vaccinated again as that might be the easiest approach to deal with this, but i am waiting on what my company decides to do first. They still have not yet made it mandatory.
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    At first glance maybe. Henderson has outscored Carson and while injured, will be back soon and they play Buccs so wouldn’t be startable anyway this week. ARob is a great buy low and has played at his floor and still matched claypools output and now Ben has a pec injury.
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    This seems about right, I read this yesterday and thought 4. Most people voting 0, I don't think they know what 0 means. If you are a 0 you should be living in a cabin in Montana writing a manifesto. I think most people in government try to do an OK job, at least enough to not get fired, and getting fired is pretty hard to do, so definitely less than a 5. I also think that most people in leadership are not evil, but rather that they truly believe things like minorities are incompetent so they need equity and free stuff, and that they know our health needs better than we do. So I've convinced myself to downgrade to a 3. Also if a competent poster had started this thread and not @fandandy, this would have been a pole.
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    Is it beautiful on the moon? Yeah definitely very bizarre lyrics.
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    So their newest BS threat is that you won't be able to fly without the completely useless jab juice. I mean these fucktards running this biden shitshow really are the dumbest focks in the history of this country. By now EVERYONE either knows biden is simply a puppet or they are a retard. Still pushing this crapola that within 3-4 months does nothing for you AND the corrupt CDC is now saying that you should not take more juice after the 1st 2. Rev Jesse, his wife, Oscar Dela Hoya and a shitton of other people want their $ back. Dead people like Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler want their life restored.
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    If they are being apprehended then that means the system is working?
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    But it’s a horrible CRISIS that Biden can’t manage. Fox News is trying to tell me so