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    I dont think that at all. HT is not dumb by any stretch. He is just seems more anti teacher and I am pro teacher..so we battle it out. We each have our own experience to work from. We both can be right but in this case it is more me.
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    Biden is the president we need right now. Not some Putin butt buddy like Clownzo.
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    I love being white. If you want to call me privileged, I love that too then. Time to stop catering to these idiots. Just say to those comments, either fock off, or thank you. Now go away.
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    I have the honor of leading a Battalion of men and who run into burning buildings. We are both public servants Mooney, and if my men every talked about the people who pay their salary, like you talk about parents, I'd place disciplinary charges on them immediately.
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    Inebriation Confusion Hostility Unconsciousness Paranoia
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    Sunset cruise was flocking awesome. Na Pali coastline was unbelievable. We saw multiple humpback whales…not the GC wife kind…and a pod of 50 or so spinner dolphins right off the front of the catamaran. Got some great pics and videos. My boys also got to drive the catamaran, which they thought was great. Zip lining was flocking awesome. I went upside down on one line. Cool to say I did it, but couldn’t take in the views in that position. Kayak and secret waterfall tour got rained out today. Boo Waimea Canyon tour is Thursday. Hoping for great weather. Tidepools dinner was great, as was Stevenson’s. So far, most amazing trip we’ve taken.
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    FFS. Apparently the hospital where both my kids were born is also struggling with the definition of "woman" since the term Maternity Center isn't inclusive. https://mynorthwest.com/3400880/maternity-center-gender-inclusive-enough-birthing-people-rantz/
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    We don't know that. We do know that he spouts his union's talking points regularly and blames parents too much, marginalizing and dismissing legitimate parent complaints. He's unable/unwilling to criticize idiots in his profession, he'd rather look away. So that reflects poorly. Otherwise though, he often he makes legitimate points. He's probably doing his best. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that his lesson plans are solid and in the classroom he's a good teacher. I don't see him as the guy causing the problems so much as taking his cue from his union to ignore and make excuses for them. There are many factors why schools are underperforming. Kids come with a bundle of social/emotional issues beyond just education. Teachers are like cops in that whatever unexpected stupid sh*t happens under their jurisdiction, they are the person on the spot and have to figure out a way of filling in the gaps. In the hallway, in the lavatory, in the cafeteria, things can go sideways and he has to take charge and find a way. He's probably shined in some of those moments and screwed up others. Teachers deserve the benefit of the doubt mostly. As for the Geek Club, he deserves his lumps for ignoring certain issues and criticizing involved parents who are concerned about issues rather than finding solutions. But I don't see Mooney being the reason schools suck and are failing, his opinions are pretty much standard fare for the profession, there wouldn't be many teachers left if you excluded people like Mooney. In the right system, there's no reason to think he can't be part of the solution. I wouldn't trust him to build that system though considering his blind eye and tin ear approach to issues.
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    Hill would have been very valuable for JuJu.
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    I worked for twenty years where the economic, education and health indicators were about the same as a third world country. Males 18-49 had a 40 pct unemployment rate. Infant mortality was the worst in the United States. And people in housing projects and section 8/ low income housing don’t pay property tax. Or any other tax. What were you saying again?
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    The Russians ARE committing war crimes since they're deliberately targeting civilians. By not saying those magic words there was always an off ramp for Putin but it looks like that's gone. Does that mean if he goes to an international summit, the host country is compelled to arrest him? Does this mean that Western governments are pretty much morally committed to locking his ass up if they can somehow get their hands on him? Do war criminals still qualify for diplomatic immunity? I can't say he doesn't deserve it, but it would take balls of steel to lay hands on / apprehend the leader of Russia.
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    Salary Cap: Not sure where the exact number is, but, D-Law restructuring saved 13 million, Prescott's restructure saved 16 million and Cooper leaving saves 16 million.
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    The reporting that makes sense. For some reason you haven’t got it through your head that you have been lied to your whole life about every major event that has transpired. Even the not so major ones, but who that just takes a lot of time. Mostly peaceful protests.
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    Funny everyone says Wyoming but no one lives there
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    Are you a biologist? How are you able to make that determination?
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    I don't know, it looks a lot better on paper that it's gonna play out on the field I do believe
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    Thanks for proving my point. I am trying to discuss the options for handling the situation, and you interpret that as I "embrace every focking weirdo thing that comes along." I would ask if you could see why I said discussion with you is useless, but I already know you don't.
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    God we all hope you lose access to this site.
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    I almost posted the following earlier today. As a Pittsburgh fan, I have never worried about cleveland getting a good player. If they take someone, either he sucked to begin with or they will make him suck. They are a joke franchise.
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    Montel Jordan - This is how we do it My favorite era of music of EVER Silk - Freak me Baby Jodeci - Feenin' Hi-Five - She's playin hard to get Jodeci is one of the more underrated talents of ever.
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    Well Trump is not in office so the woketards will not make a peep as far as demanding the POTUS do something or he's a racist.
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    It's clearly a negotiating tactic by Putin. I say we take advantage of it. We agree to not enforce a no-fly zone & in exchange he has to take the entire WNBA.
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