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    Yes...a video that is clearly edited together without context is the smoking gun. You guys are so stupid and brainwashed. It's funny- you sit on here and cry and bemoan "Liberals are brainwashed by the media" and then you sit here buying full scale everything sold to you. You aren't smarter than anyone at this- you are too dumb to see you are selling out to a different leader.
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    I recall reading in months past that this pursuit of tax status was already being reviewed, and not just for Disney, so this might be some political posturing on the part of DeSantis to make it look like he is striking back at Disney when in reality its more of him taking advantage of the moment. That being said, if companies want to throw their political opinions into the world, then let them suffer the consequences, or they can simply be a business and do their thing, STFU and make money. or perhaps they can lose money, I wonder if their investors will not start to take notice of the radical agenda and how it is impacting stock value and then shy away from these corrupt entities. I love it that DeSantis is standing up for the 99% and defending parental rights. Thank god there are still sane people standing up for simple common sense.
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    Modern leftism is a mixture between soviet communists, Nazi Germans, and KKKers. They have their brains filled with so much irrational hatred towards all things conservative, they really can't think straight. They really believe they are superior beings. So much intolerance, arrogance, judgementalism, and entitlement....they are disgusting people. Zero sense of fairness or equality. They just think the world owes them everything.
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    So you think I'm making this up and don't know exactly what I'm talking about. OK. Let's take a look at this 66 slide presentation: https://defendinged.org/incidents/mentor-public-schools-presentation-explains-to-teachers-how-they-can-become-co-conspirators-while-using-a-curriculum-rooted-in-whiteness/ The training session is deep in CRT. It asks teachers to consider “How can I be a co-conspirator while using a curriculum rooted in whiteness?” According to the presentation, “co-conspirator” is defined as “a person whose actions combat racism through direct challenge to or subversion of racist structures and institutions,” Parents Defending Education reported. It says teachers should be “agent of change” who are willing “to unlearn in order to relearn” and use “an auditing tool to evaluate and challenge content.” Teachers are told to re-evaluate the curriculum they teach their students, because “it’s important to remember that our education system has been founded on historically racist practices, including silencing those from disenfranchised communities.” But keep reassuring us its not happening, that we don't know what we're talking about, and we're crazy for being upset over nothing.
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    Kraft is awesome. Yeah I said it.
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    Are you trying to pick up young girls with Daddy issues ? Can hear them talking about you ( he smells just like my dad and has plenty of nose and ear hair too) (He is so Fire)
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    I'm listening fellas. Just switched the rental to a convertible, what the hell. Also I took stuff off the calendar except for reservations, and it appears to have opened things up. Then I just compiled a list of restaurants, hours of operation and distance from the VRBO. I am shooting for Merriman's reservations on Saturday, and then I found like 4 breakfast options in case we're up and hungry early, and listed several that include your recommendations: Monkeypod, Leilani's, Star Noodle, Coconuts, Cafe O'Lei, Gannon's, Hula Grill & Maui Tacos. So I see nothing scheduled Monday after we get in, a full open day Tuesday outside of the dinner reservations, should have time between summit and Mama's Fish House wednesday and nothing after the 3:15 meal, and open day Friday outside of the sunset cruise. That should be a pretty good balance.
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    You say so many dumb things I'm sure it is impossible for you to remember all the dumb things you say
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    Some degenerate retard in New Jersey can praise videos of preteens twerking and pretend he's not a pedophile. You can't make this up.
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    season 4 part 2 drops on April 29th
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    He's probably seen Trey Lance at practice...
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    No, because I’m not a 14 year old boy.
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    Doesn't even need to be a deep fake, just a troll. Dress up like a freak and make tiktok videos about how you are teaching kids to be trans, watch the alt right lose their sh!t
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    I used 13 letters that didn't fit. That has to be a record.
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    I really like watching the republican GOP play offense instead of defense. They already call us Nazi so we might as fight back against the child mutilators and groomer democrats.
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    Exactly the song I was thinking of.
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    Yeah, if the year hasn't been filled yet, it's better to put something there first. I edited the other post
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    That's the fun of this place. You just never know. I love HT. He has grown on me, and I honestly believe that he is actually a practicing Catholic.
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    The pendulum swings. At large, I think society is growing tired of weird. How that is affected in real will be interesting to watch. I think most are distrustful and tired of whatever they are witnessing, and their collective reaction will be... I think the weird people have overplayed their hands.
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    Honestly, I'm trying to remember the last ending, and yes, no spoilers, please.
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    Been caught stealing …. Once when I was 8 ?
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    David. Why don’t you tell us what’s so funny? The 4?
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    Scroll up a bit, Big Guy pulled out.
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    I recently submitted to bp and cholesterol meds after 20 years of trying to fix with diet and exercise. My genetics are garbage, both levels got out of hand. I specifically told the Dr I wouldn't take bp meds that fock with my love pole. So far so good. I'd take a boooooner pill in a heartbeat if I had to. Boooooner up Tommy