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    We compare very well when you account for our increased population of blacks. When you balance that our shooting numbers are comparable to Europe. Of course that's racist to talk about so we go straight to banning guns
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    None of their kids were in there. It's like politicians sending other kids to war that aren't their own
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    Pretty sure that doesn't happen on public transportation in Vermont, wonder why?
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    When you hear gunshots in a school you get your ass in the school. Sometimes you have to throw out the protocols. If this is true about the cops It’s disgraceful.
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    You guys pour your derision upon anything he did. I don't know that Mooney's comfortable being just another brick in the wall.
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    I don't get it. They show some cops stationed outside to keep people from putting themselves in danger. Isn't that common for all dangerous crime scenes? Sounds like the twit twitting has an issue with police doing their job.
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    I've had a couple times (in downtown Sac) being at the head of a light that's green - but crazy person is doing various crazy stuff in the intersection- and one time the guy started yelling at me directly. I looked at him straight on but quickly a few times, to have full understanding of his rage level. It was enough to cause me to take stock of the best improvised weapons within my reach. But I actually basically decided if he started coming, I would just drive forward and let the chips fall. I was starting to feel the flight urge. The moment I made that decision, he seemed to back off.
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    The last few posts remind me of columbine. Focking cowards.
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    NFL updated some rules for the 2022 season including 8 players can be designated for return off IR during the season and if a player goes on IR, he's missing at least four games. It was three games last year...
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    That idiot is still around ? I wish him the worst.
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    I just watched a short video about all the victims. I’ve been trying to avoid watching or reading about this tragedy…was hard to watch to the end.
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    31 years and counting. Been my own boss since 1994. Haven't focked it up yet.
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    I bought a set of wireless over the ear headphones for cutting the lawn. Awesome!!
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    If you take a look at all 50 states, the black population is in direct correlation with the gun crime stats. The United States does not have a gun problem.
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    Is it a family of coroners or something? Why would they get a say in determining cause of death?
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    I can't wait for the 70's Movie Draft! This was fun!
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    Hey Yang! What's with the pictures? It's a parking lot!
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    I believe The Hitcher was released in theaters. Jennifer Jason Leigh one of my first crushes I was blown away when they killed her in the movie---how often does the heroine go out like that! Release[edit] In theaters[edit] Contractually, TriStar Pictures was obligated to distribute any film by HBO/Silver Screen. TriStar representatives saw an early screening and studio president David Matalon said, "It's the best film that we have for 1986".[3] The Hitcher opened in 800 theaters[3] on February 21, 1986, and made $2.1 million during its opening weekend, going on to gross $5.8 million in North America.[10]
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    I learned that from Ozzy Osbourne.
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    Bill Maher is responsible for stuff like this, for ignoring it for years
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    Have fun We’re headed to Vegas this Thursday. No time for golf this trip, but we’ll be hanging with Peyton Manning, Jerry Rice and Dana White....sort of Last time I took the wife to Vegas, she was on the rag. Not this time.