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    Quit drinking for almost a week now and on the weed & O'Douls plan, O'Douls is just for the weekends and lot of coffee during the week. I feel good and hitting the gym more plus eating healthy as well.
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    You bet! Noon meetings work best. Check those out first. Listen to the old timers. And go to detox. Check in. Takes three days. It fawking sucks but well worth it. Have to start somewhere. In my opinion, best place to start. You need anything, let me know.
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    Thanks Bunny!
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    BeerHereBefore Good ridens our friend. Need anything let me know.AA works. Got your back!!!
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    Good for you man. How much were you drinking?
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    It does taste great to like it says. https://cooktoria.com/apple-cider-vinegar-salad-dressing/
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    So what exactly are you trying to tell everyone that hops on this thread? "I told you what I believed you should do for two years now. And you argued with me, and as it turned out. I didn't know WTF I was talking about. I was WRONG." But this time it's real, do it. I screwed up 3 times before. But I really believe what they tell me this time. This is the one. It's science. The last two years, and three vaccines were fake science. This is real science, read all about it. YOU DON'T EVEN REALISE HOW CRAZY YOU SOUND. YOU FLIP FLOP MORE THAN JOHN KERRY. Why don't I just wait until 2023 and take that vaccine. That's the really good one. They're gonna say so.
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    So which vaccine. 1, 2, 3, 4. Do I have to take for which Covid variant 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? Just admit you do what you're told and can't think for yourself. You have no idea what the f0ck is going on. Just like me. Only difference is you can't think for yourself so you say sign me up. You've already signed up three times wrong. Plus however many boosters you added to your saving of man kind. BUT THIS TIME YOU'RE RIGHT. Trust me last 3 times. But no really trust me this time. LOSER
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    The first one was real. The second one was real. The third one was real. The two boosters you need for the first one are real. The two boosters you need with the second one are real. The one booster you need with the third one is real. The boosters I now need every six months for some, and every four months for others are real. So basically you've been lying since day one. Now maybe you're right. Nice try little Timmy. Go watch another Biden press conference. Or another AOC look at me fake handcuffing. Go try and find Kamala. Go watch Pelosi saying she has no knowledge of insider trading. Go watch your second press secretary not answer any questions. ( how the F did this administration find someone worse than the red headed demon?) Go watch butt plug tell you how buying an electric vehicle will save your life. Go pay high gas prices. Go try to pay for food and utilities. Go watch your kid's go into a bathroom only to have a pronoun go in behind them. You're a loser sheep who didn't like your POTUS tweeting even though your life was better. Now you're really Really REALLY sure this jab is the right one, even though being triple vaccinated the first time was really Really REALLY what we should have done. I don't even care if this is out of line. People like YOU are in the process of ruining this country. I almost forgot. Wear a mask F a mask. Wear a god Damn diaper with a dryer sheet in it so I don't have to smell your farts. That's more respectful than your China flu. BA Barracus or whatever this sixth new deadly strain that's gonna wipe out humanity is called.
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    Finally turned on the wall unit air conditioning, and the temp dropped to a chilly 92. I just was not feeling any wind flow. You know how you lick you finger and hold it up in the air to gain information on air movement. You can also lick your finger and stick it up your ass to gain information on future sh!t flow. My one meal today was 3 raw Hungarian Wax Peppers and 2 slices of cheese. The peppers were fresh from the garden, hotter than jalapenos, and I will cry tears tomorrow on the sh!tter. Good times. Good times. I might post.... my frozen pizza.... and canned snails..... in tempura sauce ......food review later, from my shack...... in Arizona. Hock!!!!!
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    The boosters (well the first one at least) are effective for old people. They also had better safety data than the 2nd shot. Like I said earlier I think one of the biggest mistakes of the whole pandemic was pushing the second shot only 3/4 weeks after the first, for multiple reasons.
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    There’s only one study really referenced in that, the vaccine trials. And it was pretty close to 95% effective against symptomatic infection pre-Delta. It was even still ~60-80% effective during Delta. It wasn’t until Omicron that the effectiveness really dropped
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    Wrong again, Actually it is 24, 37, 29 TDs.
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    He has missed three games in three years, all three games came in 2021
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    The Price ~ Twisted Sister
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    Maybe you don't see it because you get your news filtered to you by the corporate press that hates him. Also that's reinforce in your line of work is full of people that oppose him because he wants to reform schools to what parents want rather than what the teachers unions want. He accomplished what he did with firm opposition from the Democrats and half his own party, the media, big tech. The constant sting of lies and smears. Judge him by his enemies. The only people on his side are ordinary people fed up with being mistreated by the corrupt insiders rigging the system to their own ends. I take hope in the notion that more an more people are seeing through the illusion and the lies and want to get the country back on it's feet.
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    Do you think Deshaun Watson is guilty of sexual abuse?