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    My daughter got accepted to her first college tonight. It's her #3 choice, so we got that.
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    You vomit a lot of crap, but you never make a point. You are the most worthless POS on this forum.
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    HT and Craftsman reported the thread to Mike because no one was saying that they liked them...
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    My trainer is a 20 y/o non-binary kid named Opal. They weigh like 100 pounds tops but they are really strong!
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    Shouldn't something like that be caged and studied by professionals to try & prevent it from happening in the future ?
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    I like that. Morello and his kind are gigantic frauds.
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    Liberals don't believe their precious overlords would be complicit in such a plot Rage for the Machine is the new mantra
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    I always watch child murder documentaries when I need cheering up, too.
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    Small town Florida and everything surrounding this move. in two weeks.
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    I wish everyone here positive heartfelt energy.
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    I think a lot more people would be sympathetic to the cause if it didn’t always end up there. Rioting and looting sets the movement back to ground zero every. focking. time.
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    The chic in your avatar will do.
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    That is my gut. Instantly. I am also stoned. I ate a bunch of gummies.
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    Russia is warning against people buying "lunch lady squares" from some jackass on a fantasy football message board.
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    Good for you man. Always good when you travel to have some destinations for food and to hit the local stops
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    Expect nothing less from our resident groomer. Keep up your lame defenses, you pedophile-loving pervert.
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    So, they'll have to drink beer and not shower. Just another Tuesday in houston.
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    SD is graduating from college in 2 weeks. My whole family has been sick. Work is a drag. Just finished at the gym. Going to have a beer and watch Schitt’s Creek before bed.
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    He's Antifa disguised as BLM disguised as Proud Boys disguised as Oath Keepers. He used Hunter Biden's laptop to hack into Rudolph's nose and create a blackout, and he would have gotten away with it were it not for that meddling Buddy Hobbs and that fockface Narwhal.
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    But people don't take out the clothes and put them in drawers and claim the clothes are theirs, then snap back to reality and claim the accidentally took the wrong bag when they have video of the person ripping off the luggage tag.
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    Pizza Hut was outstanding in the 80's & early 90's and something has changed since. I think Crafstman or someone here said they changed their supplier years back.
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    Kari Lake will probably get a TV show on a right-wing network because of this. I’m guessing that’s what she was angling for to begin with.
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    Similar to Trump, those tweets were before the media told her how to feel about Elon.
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