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    Do people really trust our institutions? Can you not see these institutions have enormous unchecked powers which stonewall every effort by our elected officials to have proper visibility into their acts? Can you not see our government institutions are colluding with giant corporations and outside assets to circumvent our Constitution? Do you really believe our media and big tech are not filtering information and using propaganda to advance the powers of this executive centralized state? Can you not see how technology has reached the point where we can be watched and tracked 24/7 and virtually could be cut off from our finances and transportation at the whim of these mega-corporations and government agencies. How can any person of intelligence not realize we are on the brink of being under the control of an authoritarian state which will controlled by wealthy elitists, big corporations and the unelected executive agencies? Do you think redneck MAGA dudes has more power than these massive heavily-armed agencies? We are 100 percent absolutely headed towards authoritarianism, and it ain't MAGA driving this train. Wake the fuk up. I DGAF about all those other nonsense issues which are dividing the country. We must first derail this Train to Tyranny. Until we restore the checks and balances and get all the Executive agencies under control again, none of the other noise matters one bit. The side issues are just distractions from this truth. Unchecked power has been the recipe for evil since the beginning of time.
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    Imagine being a homemaker and having to hear all these people, companies and human trash sh1t all over you because you don't wage slave yourselves to a company. Instead you build a family with your husband and serve each other. He supports you with his labor and you support him by having a peaceful home and raising the children. I know people on the left are ugly inside and out but this is a whole new level.
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    LMFAO The dude who posts 50x a day every single day dares to question how others spend their time? Oh that's right, you also have young kids you ignore. You fail at a man's most important job, being a father. Log off and start being a man you weak bish.
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    He knows what a man is, but if the curriculum says different , he will go with the curriculum. It’s how they do. Weak men are letting the whole place go to shitt.
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    Exactly. He hasn't seen sh!t. He's repeating what morning joe told him. Yet he claims to know more than me about a case neither of us has been in the courtroom for. I even quoted worms admitting the case isn't televised but gutterboy thinks he has the inside scoop.
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    Nobody sh1ts on homemakers, you ‘tard. This thread is about some assh0le sh1tting on women who do want to have a career, AT A COLLEGE GRADUATION no less
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    I don't condone it, but I understand.
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    Opening night fro Dead and Co at the Sphere was fantastic.
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    I don’t think Tim Hack or Gutterboy leave the house very often. Do they qualify as homemakers ?
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    Trump having a rally in the Brizonx next week. If he could get LT in NJ, maybe he can get Mariano Rivera in the Bronx! NY is in play!
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    The context is Trump said he would be a dictator for one day so he could drain the swamp. Pimp is a retard.
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    Well thanks for at least admitting that you have no idea what you're talking about.
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    Forgot about that one.
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    Because it is. Try not to beat your wife tonight, misogynist.
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    Yes you are but you're too stupid to realize it.
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    Do they not get to decide? Who are you actually talking about? Muslims?
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    You should definitely give Donald Trump your money. It’s the only way you’ll save America.
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    He had it in the bag midway through and the focked around.
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    I am supporting his policies not his personality. You can not convince me that Biden or whoever is running things are any better. Three years of lying that the borders are secure then try to blame the other side for the problem. Even the leaders that have proclaimed their cities to be sanctuaries for newcomers are doing 180's. Wasn't it Denver's Mayor that recently tried to get people to move to Chicago or NYC? That is just one issue that has me voting for Trump and I really should donate to his campaign. I probably will not because I like to donate to State and local races if at all.
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    Up early. Off to the Sphere in Vegas for Dead and Co. tomorrow and Friday. Bit of a drive as i hve to swing bye Grand Lake to pick up my brother.
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    It was $89 in 2019. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/11/experience-the-excitement-of-a-visit-to-walt-disney-world-resort-with-newest-4-park-magic-ticket/ It’s okay, you can admit you were wrong.
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    The each have their cannibal stories.