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  1. Masterminds

    Best Format For A Dynasty Draft?

  2. Masterminds

    How is Bell IR-able?

    His feelings are injured.
  3. Masterminds

    Dynasty Rankings Update

    When do the Dynasty rankings get updated next?
  4. Hindsight is 20/20. Tell us which QB the Browns should draft this year and we'll see how well that QB does throughout his career.
  5. I think he means pick #6, not round 6.
  6. Masterminds

    How Many Divisions Does Your League Have?

    4 divisions in a 12 team league. I think the commissioner chose this mainly for scheduling purposes. You play everyone in your division twice and then play everyone else once. The winner of each division makes it to the playoffs and then there are two wild card spots for the next best records. I personally prefer not to have divisions because I think it introduces more dumb luck into fantasy football which already has enough dumb luck as it is. Every year there is always a crappy division that gets to send a crappy team to the playoffs. I want to see the best teams make the playoffs, not some winner of a crappy division.
  7. Masterminds

    Week 1 FU Thread. 2016 edition.

    Lost my game by 2pts. Thanks Barnidge and Rams def.
  8. Masterminds

    Hogan getting NO love.

    Lock this thread!
  9. Masterminds

    Top 10 WR for 2016.......

    Antonio Brown only had 145 catches in his first 3 seasons and then grabbed 110 catches in his fourth season. Stats are nice to look at, but shouldn't be the only thing you look at, especially with younger players who are still getting acquainted with the NFL.
  10. Masterminds

    Same Old League _ New Set Up

    The websites track that. At least MFL tracks it, not sure about ESPN.
  11. Masterminds

    Same Old League _ New Set Up

    My MFL 12 team league with the same lineups uses 4 bench spots and one IR bench. People can only be placed on IR bench if they are OUT or are on IR. If a player is put on the IR bench, they must stay on the IR bench for a minimum of 21 days, so you have to be careful not to put someone on IR bench if they are only going to be out a week or two. Once the 21 days are up, you have to take them off the IR bench unless they are still on IR or OUT. The commissioner chose this 4 bench and 1 IR setup to prevent managers from hoarding players and forcing them to make tough decisions on who to drop/add/deactivate to IR.
  12. Masterminds

    Question For Dynasty Commissioners

    How are you going to have an initial snake draft AND a salary cap? Makes more sense to have an auction draft if you are going to have a salary cap.
  13. Masterminds

    Lamar Miller headed to Houston

    Does Jay Ajayi become the featured back in Miami?
  14. Masterminds

    Converting league to auction

    In my league we add $5 to the previous years value. ($200 cap space). The player can only be kept for a max of three years. If Adrian Peterson was drafted for $50, next year he would cost $55 to keep. If David Johnson was drafted for $2, next year he would cost $7 to keep.
  15. Masterminds

    Calvin Johnson to retire?

    Looks like it was true. Good run Calvin.