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    No Koch dead thread here?

    When I was laid off of work and started to look for another IT job I applied to a company that was owned by the Koch Bros. The interview was 8 hours long and all based on their Dad's book. At the end they offered me the job. The offer was not even half of what was offered by 2 other IT companies I received. I told them about this and they said "Well, you should want to work for us because we are owned by Koch Bros." All they were doing was trying to hire H1Bs. These guys are complete jokes.
  2. Superdude

    Cancel out Theory

    An example this week would be: Det v Indy Team A: QB starting is Stafford Team B: WR 2 and WR3: Tate, M. Jones No Matter How well Stafford does, he can't get ahead. However, if you think Stafford wont have a good game, its bad idea.
  3. Superdude

    Dwayne Allen

    A lot of people saying he is a sleeper and could be a steal. I would put him in a category as what the heck kind of flier. M. Bennett would be comparable. Personally I think Fleener is fool's gold. Hasn't shown anything.
  4. Your right, I am being way too pessimistic. Just could not get the players I wanted this year. People reached for them. IE Homer Picks like Tom Brady in 5th etc...
  5. So I had my draft last weekend: 12 team .5 PPR 6pt Passing Tds Drafting from 7th hole 1 Pick - Julio Jones Drops - Hmmm I should pick him up - Injury prone 2 Pick - Freeman and JC Available - I picked Freeman - Great same team as Julio everyone is down on 3 Pick - McCoy Drops - Ughhhh More injury prone guy Later Picks: Bortles and J. Thomas (TE) I won't bother with the rest... I drafted players on the same team that were injury prone or the offense not looking good. Yes it sounded like a good bargain to see some players drop below there adp, but be mindful who is on your team. Stacking crappy teams is not a good idea. It worth a risk for a player here and there, but not the whole team. At least I got beer and had a fun time. TLDR: Don't pick a player because he just happens to fall down to you.
  6. Superdude

    Tonight's weather, who you /startingsitting?

    60 percent chance of rain at kickoff
  7. Superdude

    Tonight's weather, who you /startingsitting?

    In games with percipitation15 games. Brady has avg 260 yards passing. 22 tds and 2 rushing tds. During a snow game vs titans he threw 6 tds. That was the outlier. So rain disagrees with brady. I may start bradford.
  8. Superdude

    Is it crazy to bench Forte this week?

    Somebody has to catch check downs from Cutler. Forte has been doing it ALL season. I don't expect a monster game. But I do expect 10+ points in PPR.
  9. Superdude

    ++ UPDATE: Martin/ Rainey - Doug Martin INACTIVE

    My Choices in Half point PPR: start 2 Forte - vs Jets Yuck J. Bell - vs Packers Yum Martin - ATL Yum Rainey - ATL Yum I really hate passing up the matchup tonight. I might be forced to start Forte and J Bell to be safe.
  10. Superdude

    Martin for Vereen. Half ppr

    I was offered Vereen for D Martin. Yes or Nay? Will answer yours.
  11. five five dolla five dolla footlong...
  12. Superdude

    5 BOLD predictions ... annual

    This IS the year of the Rookie/Second Year Receiver. People will forget about shying away from drafting Rookie Receivers.
  13. Superdude

    The Skinny Addition

    In half point PPR combined WR/TE, I have drafted these players, will any of them hit for WR 2 numbers? Rookie and 2nd year receivers have bad track records... 1) B. Cooks 2) Kelvin Benjamin 3) Marcus Wheaton 4) Josh Reed Jordan Matthews is still on the Waiver Wire... Drop any of the above for him?
  14. Superdude

    RB: Bell or Vareen AND WR: Boldin or Wheaton?

    I like Bell if Bush is injured. He's an elite back then compared to Vereen. Otherwise Vereen has higher floor, but only depending on an injury.
  15. Superdude

    Who is your WR5 (or the last WR on your roster)?

    My WR3 are pretty bad. Hoping one of them hits Cooks (9th) Kelvin Benjamin (10th) Wheaton (12th)