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  1. jthomen

    Ridley or Gio Bernard

    Wow... You guys love Ridley.
  2. jthomen

    Ridley or Gio Bernard

    I didn't mean it as a roster help type question... just an interesting debate/discussion. A good example of what 3 weeks of football will do to perception.
  3. jthomen

    Ridley or Gio Bernard

    Rest of year... Who'd you rather have? Ridley or Bernard?
  4. I currently have Gio and guys offered me Luck. Here are my RBs and QBs... Please Help!!! QB: Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer RB: Forte, David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Gio, BJGE, Willis McGahee
  5. jthomen

    Roster moves help

    Kendrell Thompkins and Pats D for sure... and I hate New England.
  6. jthomen

    I need some help

    Doughboy you are solid... I wouldn't worry about QB so much. If I was you I would try to flip 2 of those WRs (Decker & Nicks) for another RB. Maybe a Murray, Ivory, Lamar Miller... or maybe two weaker WRs for someone like Ryan Matthews. There are always 1 or 2 QBs that come out of no where to get in the top 10. (Vick, Russell Wilson, etc.)
  7. jthomen

    Bernard or Miller as an RB3?

    This week Miller. Longterm I'd keep both.
  8. jthomen

    Rate it!

    IMO you need 2-3 more high upside RBs. Leveon Bell, Monte Ball, Lacy, Gio Bernard, Vereen, etc. Anyways you could move one of your WRs for them? Also, I would try and get Bryce Brown as a McCoy handcuff. RB depth is more important than the superstars IMO.
  9. jthomen

    Lineup help

    I'm confused.. 5 more or 5 including Dez and Peterson? I'd choose Ball, Cruz and Kembrell Thompkins
  10. Which 2 QBs would you choose for the season? Carson Palmer Alex Smith Andy Dalton Josh Freeman
  11. Freeman and Palmer are available on the WW... Should I drop Alex Smith for one of them?
  12. Guys were really aggressive at QB. This is a keeper league so lots of guys were kept (RG3, Wilson, Manning, etc) and guys jumped on them early and were taking their backup QBs by round 8. So I saw that as an opportunity to jump on slipping guys.
  13. jthomen

    Julio for R Wayne & E Lacy. Fair trade?

    Yeah, seems fair to me. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=422021
  14. QB- Andy Dalton RB- Matt Forte RB- David Wilson WR- Dez Bryant WR- Randall Cobb TE- Jimmy Graham Flex- Lamar Miller D- Rams K- David Akers Bench: Gio Bernard Cecil Shorts BJGE Greg Jennings Emmanual Sanders Alex Smith Daniel Thomas