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  1. Moe Money

    Robby Anderson

  2. Moe Money

    Robby Anderson

    How do you guys think hell do with McCown back in town? He put up decent numbers last season with him...
  3. Moe Money

    Tre'Quan Smith

    Thanks for the quick response brother!
  4. Moe Money

    Tre'Quan Smith

    Meredith or Smith?
  5. Moe Money

    Ravens rbs, Collins or Buck Allen the guy to have?

    Collins fumbling problems arent helping his cause. They love Allen in the passing game as well....
  6. Moe Money

    Michael Thomas

  7. Moe Money

    An Ode to Amari I wrote

  8. Moe Money

    D Cook or A Collins?

    I like Collins
  9. Moe Money

    flex Fitz or P Barber

  10. Moe Money

    Jordan Howard

    Love Cohen in ppr this year, but hes climbing fast and may no longer be a value pick.
  11. Cmac, Allen, Adams.... WR are deep this year and while I understand the Adams love, hes never gone for over 1,000 yards in a season.
  12. Ballage has flashed during limited play, albeit against the 2nd/3rd string defenses. The phins definitely dont want yo run Drake into the ground and Gore will get his as well. Fantasy headache....
  13. Miami Homer here. No one is really tearing it up, but D. Parker is an embarrassment. Stay away from him this year. Amendola will be our WR1 for the 6 games that hes healthy for....
  14. Moe Money

    Manzere out. Thank God

    Immediately looking for Gordon!