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  1. TennisMenace

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    Probably not, but if I pick number 9-10 like I usually do, maybe round 2.
  2. TennisMenace

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    I don’t know about MUST. Again, it all depends on your options. Sorry, I didn’t read the entire thread to see if you showed us that.
  3. TennisMenace

    Could/should the Jaguars acquire Bridgewater?

    I hope my Giants sign him to,replace Eli
  4. TennisMenace

    UPDATED: Melvin Gordon Tonight - Expected to Sit

    I agree with brother jrokh here. If I owned Gordon and he is active I play him and not worry about possible reinjury. If it happens it happens. The reward is worth it and far greater should he play all game. He got me here....with him I stand!
  5. TennisMenace

    weepaws (okay, anybody), you there?

    I would have no problem playing both Samuel and Moore v. Saints. You can’t run on Saints so expect lots of passes to people not named Ed Mac.
  6. TennisMenace

    Why so down on James White?

    So now you know why.......
  7. TennisMenace

    Where the fock is Aaron Jones?

    This thread does make a good point. No RB is going to steal Mr Rodgers’ thunder and glory.
  8. TennisMenace

    Who else "over thought it"?

    Regretfully, no. End of season. I felt everything going against me as the week progressed so I kind of saw the writing on the wall. 1. Samuels allowed to play TE 2. Odell out 3. Cooks last minute td. (Why did Minny have to throw him back out when game was over 21-0 with a few minutes left? Couldn’t they play the back up then?) Nevertheless, I can also look at Zay, James White and Zack Ertz’s production and say....I didn’t deserve to win. My opponent didn’t do that well, but obviously enough. All my players had to do was play their game.
  9. TennisMenace

    Who else "over thought it"?

    That Cook late td sealed my fate and ended my season. Glad it made you happy though.
  10. TennisMenace

    Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

    I apologize to,you guys for stating Zay Jones should be strongly considered. I let you all down with that recommendation, and for that I am GUILTY AS CHARGED. If it makes you feel any better, I lost a close one no thanks to Zays 3.5. If only Odell were there instead. Sigh Coulda...shoulda....woulda...
  11. TennisMenace

    Zay it ain't so

    Zay was a large part of why I got eliminated and my season has ended because he was my OBJ fill in.....so if I had another chance, would I trust him this week? Hell no......he is definitely boom or bust. Like you said, one week up, one week down. Having said that....he does get plenty of targets so at least you have that. In fact that is why I played him....I figured he is good for about 10 targets.
  12. TennisMenace

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    I’m actually relieved....the last week took its toll on me and I’m dealing with personal matters, so God did me a favor. The irony too, had a Cook not scored that final td I actually may have won.
  13. TennisMenace

    Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

    I think we all that this dilemma to figure out. I chose Zay over both Moore and Golladay. Moore was my best option. Very surprised Zay did so well ag Jets three weeks ago and did well ag tougher Dolphins last week.....then lays an egg. Trusting a Buffalo Bill is risky and I already inserted Allen.....so I was prett6 foolish hoping for two Bills to rise up.
  14. TennisMenace

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    I would like to thank Yahoo for designating Samuels a TE. As a result, I am now for all practical purposes eliminated from the playoffs. That extra 10 points he got instead of his normal TE was a killer for me. There still is a small chance I could win, but very unlikely. Thank you Yahoo for putting me out of my misery early this year. No more anxious Tuesday nights or Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. Nothing but peace and tranquility .........thanks to my friends at Yahoo. ((((((Hugs)))))) and XXX going out to Yahoo.
  15. TennisMenace

    Who else "over thought it"?

    Glad you won bro....